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West Land Development In Hanoi In 2017

West land development in Hanoi in 2017

In the past few years, as the property market in Vietnam has become warmer, the property market in Hanoi will also develop.

Especially, from mid-2016, the property market in the west of Hanoi will start booming. Let’s learn about property market West Hanoi today.

Exciting land market in the West of Hanoi

From the beginning of 2016, the land market in Hanoi has been extremely active. Most of the land projects by reputable investors have complete infrastructure always fall into “green eyes” of investors. In particular, the legally-grounded land projects are quite scarce so investors are increasingly searching.

One of the most interesting areas is the West of Hanoi, where there is a large supply of land. This area has outstanding projects such as Nam Tu Liem project, Bac Tu Liem project, Ha Dong project … Specifically: At the end of 2015, Ha Dong district land transaction accounted for 26% market share. 2016 leads with Nam Tu Liem in the next number of transactions is North Tu Liem and Ha Dong with more than 23% market share.

West land development in Hanoi in 2017
Real estate transactions in West Hanoi are always high

According to experts, the market segment of land in West Hanoi will continue to throne in 2017. The appearance of many new apartment projects makes the segment of the apartment is saturated, the opposite segment Hanoi land will be a channel to attract strong cash flow of real estate investors thanks to the modest supply.

One of the reasons that this area became the focus of Hanoi’s land investors is that the transportation infrastructure is developing strongly. Only in a short time, a series of important road projects such as To Huu, Van Phuc, 70, 3 ring road, Thang Long – Khuat Duy Tien tunnel, Van Phu – Le Trong street. Tan, … are continuously completed, creating the connection between Ha Dong – Nam Tu Liem – Cau Giay.

Modern transportation system of West Hanoi

At the same time, other infrastructure projects such as Metro Nhat Ha, Ha Dong – Cat Linh, etc. are coming to a complete development, creating a strong “push” to help Hanoi land market in particular. The Hanoi property market generally attracts large numbers of potential buyers and investors.

According to some reputable sources, the appearance of AEON Mall in Ha Dong promises to make the land market in Hanoi hotter.

West land development in Hanoi in 2017
A series of projects are invested, developed

With the strong development of infrastructure, West Hanoi has attracted many businesses in the village real estate Vietnam poured investment capital, land development projects. Besides the familiar names such as Nam Cuong, Hai Phat, there appear also giants such as Vingroup, FLC, Muong Thanh, …

A number of infrastructure projects have been deployed, coupled with the psychology of homesteads, where the present price is quite reasonable. The land segment in the West of Hanoi has boomed in recent years. The most targeted areas are Ha Dong district, Nam Tu Liem district and Hoai Duc district (along Le Van Luong road to Tay Mo area, Dai Mo district).

High-profit margin

Land market west of Hanoi is a new market, rich potential. With many advantages of traffic, infrastructure and beautiful location, attracting many big and small investors at home and abroad.

West land development in Hanoi in 2017
Invest in West Hanoi land promises great profits

With a large land fund, the land price is cheap, so the land market in Hanoi promises to be a real estate investment segment bringing great profit and profit for investors.

With many potent attraction factors along with powerful internal strength, the real estate land in the west of Hanoi promises to be the “golden egg” for real estate in Hanoi in particular and for the market. our country’s real estate in the near future.

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