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What Do You Know About The Super-Scale Of The Empire Project?

Empire City apartment

Empire project with the hugest scale in District 2

Empire project has made many hearts eagerly awaited when still on papers. The super scale of the project lies in the core of the Thu Thiem financial urban area, which impresses and attracts a wide range of real estate specialist’s comments, as well as the favorite nods of clients.

Many people only hear about the Empire City project that owns huge scale, but honestly they do not know much, just still be equivocal! Therefore, this article will show you how huge Empire really is.

  1. The Empire Project is invested up to billions of dollars

Empire City apartment
Empire City owns a very special place

Empire City joint-venture Co., Ltd is the investor of the Empire City project. In fact, the company was founded on a combination of multinational investors domestically and internationally, including Keppel Land (Singapore), Real Estate Fund (UK), Gaw Capital Partners and two Vietnamese companies – Tien Phuoc real estate and Tran Thai real estate.

These companies are big investment units. Therefore, the combination of these investors has created a huge Empire Project in terms of scale and total investment capital.

The planned capital will be $ 1.2 billion – a huge number that has few real estate projects in Vietnam can reach. You may think simply that if you accept billions of dollars investment, it is clear that the scale of the project must be extremely imposing to match. Of course, this your consideration is true, and the Empire scale is the “speaking real figure” that makes every customer and investor feel shocked.

  1. The Empire Project owns the vast area

Not only for its huge capital investment, but Empire project is also known for its enormous total land area up to 14.5 hectares. Of which 730,000sqm is the floor area of construction, the observation tower is expected of 8.7 hectares.

Empire City apartment
Luxurious apartment with extremely modern equipment of Empire City project

On this super-wide area, by 2022, there will be more than 3,000 luxury apartments, shopping centers, five-star hotels, supermarkets, swimming pools, gyms, corporate offices. Especially, it is the appearance of the 86-storey building, promising to be the tallest building in Vietnam (to be discussed in more detail in section 3).

If other real estate projects are only in a very small area, with the Empire Project, that figure above reflects in all. Empire’s scale will indeed develop from this platform. As residents living in the Empire apartment project, they probably will not have to go far out of the Empire project because everything here is more than enough.

  1. The tallest 86th-floor Empire City Tower in Vietnam is the “backbone” of the project

If you own an apartment in the miniature city of the Empire Project, you will be proud that you are living in the most prosperous Saigon (in the near future, Thu Thiem urban area is in the urban development schedule of the city).

The living space is not only peaceful, cozy but also extremely modern with the leading large scale in the South area, which cannot help mentioning to the 86-storey Empire City tower. This tower promises to subdue the 81-storey Landmark in Saigon and the 72-storey Keangnam Landmark Tower in Hanoi and occupy the tallest apartment tower in Vietnam. The 86-storey number is not small and is also a project of national stature.

One side of the Empire Project is located on Mai Chi Tho Street (East-West Boulevard), the other hand faces the Saigon River. When living in such an airy environment, full of amenities, ideal river views, everyone will also be pleased and never regretted having decided to buy.

At the present, there are no large scale real estate projects invested billions of dollars by many foreign units. This brings resounding success for Empire in particular and District 2 in general.

Currently, the Empire is still in phase 1 of the schedule. It will be opened to sale for the pre-order (semi-internal) customers for the first time. You may contact us for further advice, guidance as well as a more detailed discussion of purchasing policies and issues related to the project.

Do not be too pondered, but let’s meet, talk, compare and visit. Buying a house is an issue of our whole life that cannot decide on one day or two days. And no one has the right to choose for you, so take the time to refer to the general, we promise you will not waste any minute vainly.

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What Do You Know About The Super-Scale Of The Empire Project?

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