What Does Make Kenton Apartment Attractive To Customers?

Kenton project is expected by customers in 2017. Let be with us to see what has made Kenton luxury apartment attractive to customers.

Kenton Node project, which is expected to be opened for sale in the second quarter of 2017, is attracting a large number of investors and buyers interested in the luxury apartment. With a green living environment and superb facilities, Kenton Node in District 7 offers customers a peaceful environment and many 5 utilities to make you enjoy a luxury life in your home.

Convenient traffic location.

Located in front of Nguyen Huu Tho Boulevard, Kenton Node Project in District 7 can easily connect to Phu My Hung center just 2 minutes through Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard. Not only that, you can also move to the biggest administrative center of Ho Chi Minh City: District 1 and center of District 5 only 10 minutes driving pass Nguyen Huu Tho Boulevard.

Not only that, Kenton Node can also help customers easily access necessary services for life such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers and shopping…

In addition, the Kenton Node is located at the Rach Dia Riverside with the entertainment facilities expected to be developed in the near future. It will definitely make you enjoy a perfect relaxing living.

The location of Kenton Node Apartments is one of the landmarks of Saigon South compared to other projects in District 7 and Nha Be.

Luxurious and classy design

Kenton Node is considered to be the largest green property project in Ho Chi Minh City with more than 77% of the area covered with trees and low construction density of only 23% of the total area of the whole project, it creates a green city reaches European standard. Harmonizing the dynamics of a modern urban area with the natural green space has given Kenton Node a wonderful and perfect living environment. This will give you the most relaxing moments in an environmentally friendly green space, away from bustling urban areas.

The design at Kenton Node has been investing a large amount of space in the area for residents. The interior facilities are designed to be complete and separate, allowing residents of Kenton Node to experience the resort lifestyle as in the luxury hotels and resorts in the heart of the city.

The apartments at Kenton Node are designed in accordance with European Resident standards, in particular, they are individually designed for individual buildings, two-bedroom apartments are located in one building and the three-bedroom apartment is located in one building. Not only that, the apartments at Kenton Node are specially designed to withstand the winds, not the same wall, all rooms get the natural light with the large illuminated design. With such a great design, you will definitely have a perfect life at Kenton Node.

Traffic system in Kenton Node is underground with the large parking. In the middle of the buildings, there are swimming pools, trees, lakes, and walkways.

The design of the Kenton Node is impressive as it is designed according to special technical standards that help the project to withstand the natural disasters. The living environment of Kenton Node residents is guaranteed, developed and created a sustainable living space, towards the best value for residents here.

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Modern and classy utilities for the perfect life experience

The Kenton Node 7 apartment has all the most modern facilities in the South Saigon. This is a combination of five-star hotel, high-grade commercial center, apartments, office buildings, office-tel and more than 50 five-star standard facilities including school, hospital, swimming pool, parks, tennis courts, luxury restaurants, pedestrian streets, etc., provide residents with a perfect and wonderful life experience.

With the outstanding breakthrough utilities that Resource Owner brings, Kenton Node apartment project promises to bring you a living space as the most luxurious resort in the heart of the city, bring absolute satisfaction to apartment owners.

In addition to the internal outstanding, Kenton Node also offers the external utilities. The project connects Phu My Hung urban area and Him Lam urban area with the most necessary utilities for the life of the residents. This is considered to be the best living area in the Ho Chi Minh City.

Kenton Node Project

Kenton Node Project complete full-line gadget

The only differences at Kenton Node attract investors

Kenton Node Apartment is the only project in District 7 with a combination of 6 in 1 service: 4-star luxury apartment, 5-star hotel, high-class business center, Schools, hospitals, parks, and sports. The project is full of utilities that are most necessary for residents of Kenton Node, make your life the greatest.

Designed as a small city in the heart of the city, the large green area, Kenton Node gives residents a peaceful and refreshing life, helps them escape the bustling city but still guarantees a convenient traffic with the central location of District 7. The green space helps residents of Kenton Node to balance between the fast life of the city and the slow of the suburb.

Besides Kenton project, we would like to invite you to visit Masteri An Phu project at the gateway of Saigon for you to have more choice.

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