What Has Roused The Phan Thiet Real Estate?

Phan Thiet real estate market is going strong thanks to new developments in the commercial-resort segment.

Holding a series of advantages of the most potential commercial – resort city in the center of Phan Thiet city, Vietpearl City has been continuously received the attention of customers since the newly announced to the market.

The new trend of commercial houses are emerging as alcohol in Phan Thiet

If anyone is exploring, most of the projects currently being offered in Phan Thiet City recently are in the segment of resort real estate with the main type is serviced apartments, also known as condotel, villas with high prices and many products that the buyers can only own for 50 years. Most of these projects are concentrated mainly in the coastal areas, where transportation infrastructure and social facilities are still waiting to be finalized.
As a result, as soon as the market has been announced, commercial street projects have been especially interested by a lot of people and experts in the real estate investment. Why did the project get so much attention?

Phan Thiet real estate

Commercial street in Phan Thiet

Because most types are especially focused on the location by the investors, they are sure to be located in central areas – not only crowded but also attractive to domestic and international tourists when coming to Phan Thiet. Owning this central location will not only help the owners of the project to be completely reassured about the possibility of future price increases but also the ability to build housing in perfect harmony with the commercial business, bring high profitability.
Each project of this subdivision is carefully invested by the owner in terms of planning, architectural design and service facilities within the zone such as: restaurants, coffee shops – bar, trade center … Because this is the area planned by Phan Thiet city to become a center of trade – high-class service, to serve the future visitors.

Market analysis in Phan Thiet city

According to Le Van Hieu, Managing Director of Asia Land Investment Joint Stock Company, said: Due to the rapid urbanization in Phan Thiet City, tourism has been developing strongly. The boom in commercial business has made land plots in the center more and more limited and likely to increase price sharply. From the beginning of 2017 up to now, the price increase in the commercial townhouse segment can be up to more than 30%.

Phan Thiet real estate

Perspective of Vietpearl City project

Therefore, the investment in projects like Vietpearl City, … owners can freely choose to exploit based on their own purposes such as to stay or to combine with business, help bring the double profit source for customers. That is why that Vietpearl City or other projects is “out of stock” on the first sale will be completely understandable.

What do investors say about this?

Share on the reason for choosing to buy a service type is the townhouse, a customer has said: he is in need of housing, but now to find a house in the heart of the city is very difficult, the price is high but the supply is not much. He himself wants to do business in the hotel but months have passed and still have not found the right place to invest.
Next, as a professional investor involved in land projects, another investor also made the following comment: Currently, the price in commercial townhouse projects is often very expensive because this is a segment which always has products that are scarce and higher than other conventional products because of the features it possesses.

Phan Thiet real estate

Phan Thiet city is developing strongly

With the orientation of developing into a center of marine tourism of national scale, in the coming years, the number of tourists going to Phan Thiet will be more and more crowded, not only domestic but also international guests want to choose Phan Thiet as their stop. Especially, when the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway, Phan Thiet airport goes into operation.
These outstanding projects will be a great motivation for Phan Thiet to develop large commercial businesses such as Vietpearl City, thereby helping to increase the value of real estate.

“The resort real estate market is still developing very well, especially in the potential places such as Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc. If you invest now, you will definitely bring in better returns” said a real estate investor who shared his decision.

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