What Has The Golden Place Given For Feliz En Vista?

Feliz En Vista District 2 Project has what from the golden place.

Each of us has a job to earn money, to make our lives as well as satisfy our passion for the job. And it is extremely important that you choose an apartment that is in a position that is convenient to you. It is extremely difficult for you to get an apartment near your place of work, which is a great benefit for you.

However, do not be discouraged, because right in District 2 has a work in your position that you will be completely satisfied. The work is called “Feliz En Vista apartment complex”

Since the project began, the Feliz En Vista apartment has received a lot of applause from investors and customers because of the location of the gold and the great convenience it has.

So where is the location of the Feliz En Vista apartment project? What are the amenities brought about by the place that make people have such a compliment plate? Sooner or later, let’s find out and answer these questions.

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Where is the location of the Feliz En Vista condo project?

The Feliz En Vista apartment project is being built following successes of apartments such as The Vista, The Krista, Vista Verde, KrisVue … of the prestigious Capital Land. Having just launched the Feliz En Vista apartment market, this high end product line will continue to take customers from surprise to another surprise.

The Feliz En Vista apartment project is located right in the heart of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, adjacent to Mai Chi Tho and adjacent to many other large and small routes. Like Dong Van Cong, Phan Van Dang, Truong Van Bang, Le Hien Mai.

Especially, Feliz En Vista’s four-way view has brought about extraordinary travel benefits and experiences, including:

– The North of Feliz En Vista apartment is adjacent to Dong Van Cong Street, Long Thanh Expressway overlooking Himlam Binh An, Sai Gon Sport City… These are the most convenient and fast routes. So you can move to different locations.

– The East is adjacent to the lovely Like View City.

-The South is next to the beautiful, splendid and beautiful Saigon River, which will certainly bring significant benefits to the residents here.

-Finally, the West of Feliz En Vista looks right at Mai Chi Tho and moreover is the center of the city – where at night you can see the colorful lights that create a space together beautifully in front of your apartment.

Located in such a convenient location, what is the benefits and convenience that Feliz En Vista brings to its residents?

We can answer this question right away.

Owning a favorable location is the heart of District 2, if you choose the Feliz En Vista apartment project will be a very safe and smart solution that will save you time moving considerably. Thanks to the beautiful location you can move easily as:

It only takes you 10 minutes to get to Metro.

Once the Metro station is completed and put into operation in the future, all residents of Feliz En Vista will have an easier, faster, modern, and safer transportation.

It takes only 15 minutes to shop at Big C or Metro An Phu.

You can buy everything necessary for the family quickly in Metro An Phu or Big C supermarket…with good quality, the price is affordable. The daily life and activities of the residents of Feliz En Vista will be simple and easy.

And especially the Feliz En Vista apartment is adjacent to the new urban Thu Thiem – a new administrative center of the city. All your administrative paperwork will be resolved quickly and neatly without the need to go far.

Feliz En Vista

Thanks to the location adjacent to district 2, you can easily enjoy and experience the most comfortable and full life in Feliz En Vista

Not only that, the Feliz En Vista apartment project is very close to the large and small hospitals that bring convenience to the residents.

Not far from the Feliz En Vista apartments are big hospitals such as Phuc An Khang international hospital, Thai Binh international hospital, all doctors are experienced as well as highly professional, dedicated all I will definitely take good care and health for all members of your family.

Thanks to the favorable location, the value of the project is increasing. Then wait for anything else without coming to Feliz En Vista to enjoy all the great gadgets for you and your loved ones?

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