What Is Special When The Real Estate In Thee Us Opens For Sale In VietNam?

The Pahrump landfill site located one hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, has been opened for sale in Ho Chi Minh City by Pahrump Real Estate JSC.

According to the introduction, this is a fast-growing town with the opportunity of doubling or tripling, while Las Vegas is almost no longer a land to build and highly profitable in the future.

The Pahrump-Las Vegas landowner project is located in Pahrump, the third-fastest-growing city in the United States, in 2005. The population here is 40,000, expanding to an area of 120,000 besides the advantage of being easily connected to Las Vegas, Nevada. Around the project is a series of inter-regional traffic smoothly has come into operation as well as appeared large-scale ecological urban area integrated a series of modern service utilities to serve the needs of all people. In particular, due to its proximity to the heart of Las Vegas, the Pahrump estate is also home to many facilities such as schools, hospitals and great weather.

In addition, the benefits of the Pahrump-Las Vegas landed property project are as diversified as beautiful homes under $250,000 or real estate investments under $20,000. On the other hand, the customer does not need to spend the entire $100,000 on a property where the customer can build a piece of land, sell the other part and keep the rest for long-term profit.

Therefore, Pahrump real estate professionals have created different real estate packages to provide customers with more choices or customers are able to hold the land as an investment and sell it for a higher price in the future without building for as long as it can build a house for 2 years, 5 years or 20 years.

New York real estate

The Pahrump – Las Vegas land project is being offered for sale in Vietnam at a range of $ 20,000 to $ 250,000.

The Pahrump-Las Vegas landholding is a good place to rent, as almost all rental properties are 100% leased with current home prices around $110 / square feet and can change over time.

The most distinctive feature of this Pahrump-Las Vegas landholding is that it does not have to pay taxes, no state income taxes like California and New York. In Nevada there is no state tax but still have to pay personal income tax and sales tax like VAT in Vietnam … Therefore, within one year, can save $10,000 or more at the residence in Nevada.

In addition, according to official information from Pahrump Real Estate, customers can pay for the security service in the first year after which they are billed each August or the customer can also pay by check or credit card.

The Pahrump – Las Vegas project will become a crowded metropolis with a full range of business, service, eco-tourism facilities. The project does not lack any utility from schools, health centers to entertainment, ecotourism … With many advantages of location, utility, investor commitment to customers in terms of a great value of this investment for foreign investors seeking investment in the US.

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