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What Is The Common Ownership, Private Ownership In The Apartment Building Stipulated?

According to the provisions of Article 100 of the Housing Law of 2014, the private ownership and common parts of condominiums are stipulated as follows:

  1. Tprivate ownership of condominiums includes:

First, the area inside the apartment includes the balcony area, the house attached to the apartment;

Second, the other area in the condominium is recognized as private ownership of the condominium owner;

Third, the system of technical equipment used exclusively attached to the apartment or attached to another area under private ownership.

Regulation on common ownership, private ownership of apartment buildings
  1. Common parts of the condominium include:

First, the remaining area of the condominium outside the area under private ownership specified in Clause 1 of this Article; Communal houses of condominiums;

Second, the space and system of bearing structure, technical equipment used in the condominium include frame, column, bearing wall, wall of the house, wall dividing the apartment, floor, roof, Stairs, corridors, stairs, elevators, escape routes, litter cages, technical boxes, power supply, water supply, gas supply, communication, radio and television Water, septic tanks, lightning rods, firefighters and other parts not owned by the owner of the condominium;

Third, external technical infrastructure but connected to the condominium, except for technical infrastructure used for public purposes or subject to handover to the State or to the investor Management according to the approved project content;

Fourth, public works in condominiums but not under construction for business or handed over to the State according to the approved projects, including common yard, flower garden, and park. And other works defined in the contents of approved housing construction investment projects.

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