What Special Is M-One Go Vap Architects?

Project M One Masteri Go Vap with a total of about 160 luxury apartments? Please join us to explore the Master M-One Master Go Vap apartment.

Masteri M-One Go Vap is the newest addition to the GoVap Group’s Masteri M-One Group developed on the County’s key transportation district. This is a project built in accordance with the standard of Masteri brand, the quality of the apartment, the profit potential from the product and many other aspects, the project is highly appreciated, with class similarity to the Millennium project, Masteri M-One District 7, Masteri Thao Dien … Of all the elements that make up the value of Masteri M-One Go Vap, the problem of special architectural planning is concerned.

If you are a keen investor with the ability to assess your planning and are always concerned about the site’s architectural standards, the article below will help you visualize the Masteri M- One Go Vap through the things you want to know.

M-One Go Vap project

Architectural design Room Masteri M-ONE apartment building Gia Dinh Go Vap

Of course, with just a few basic introductory lines, it will not be enough to give you insight into the building. Therefore, after consulting, if there are still some obstacles that require more detailed advice and solutions, customers can directly connect with us to get answers. Here is the information we want to send to you:

Learn about planning floor plan Master-Apartment M-One Go Vap:

Only a short time, Master-M-One Go Vap will officially air the market and offered for sale with the extremely favorable price. As expected from the investor, on 25/09/2017 to come here, guests interested in Apartment project can contact to place beautiful location with a deposit of $ 1.304 / unit.

With the attractive pricing policy of only $ 1.173 – $ 1.304 / sqm of an apartment, Masteri M-One of Go Vap quickly attracted many interested customers at this moment, when the source of information open to selling just leak.

M-One Go Vap project

Floor plan apartment Masteri Mone Gia Dinh, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh

In addition to the project attracting buyers, including those who are really looking for permanent residence and real estate investment professionals, because of the location … the project Masteri M-One apartment Go Vap also created its own attraction by the planning element of science. It is easy to evaluate this issue because you only need to look at the plan of the floor plan, the flat is able to give a detailed assessment.

Also from the planning, customers can choose the apartment is in the position to please, because the parameters in the drawings are sufficient for the viewer to see all aspects of the product, not through the lines, the slice of science. Specific analysis would be as follows:

On floor plan:

+ The project consists of 2 towers designed on the total area of 2,486 sqm, with a construction density of 40%.

+ 2 towers, the first 13 floors and the second tower 15 floors. Both buildings have two major product lines, the Shophouse (located on the ground floor) and the high-end apartment (located on the 2nd floor). Facilities within the project are developed within the project premises and are interspersed in the two towers. Especially, on the 13th floor (the last floor) of the 1st courthouse, the owner dedicated the design of the overflowing pool.

M-One Go Vap project

Bedroom Contingency Plan for Masteri Mone Apartment in Go Vap

– About the apartment plan: The whole project consists of 160 apartments, including some commercial apartment shophouse. Particularly divided into apartment area as follows:

  •  1-bedroom apartment is designed with an area of 49 sqm
  • 2-bedroom apartment designed with an average area of 60 sqm – 74 sqm
  • 3-bedroom apartment designed with an area of 90 sqm

Discover the Masteri M-One Go Vap apartment architecture and live space assessment:

Based on the land planning, customers can easily choose for themselves Master V apartment M-One Go Vap is in the right place, with the suitable area of useful purpose and business form of profit exploitation of your choice.

Customers can refer to the apartment architecture for a more accurate assessment of living space here:

-Masteri M-One Go Vap apartment is compact but well designed, with a comprehensive structure full of all necessary functional space of a mini house with at least 1 bedroom, living room, balcony, WC, kitchen, laundry…

M-One Go Vap

Luxurious, delicate architecture for all Masteri Mone Go Vap apartments

– The apartments are designed with modern European architecture, complete with basic furniture, expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2019 and are currently under construction. Invest in your apartment soon, only about 1.5 more years that you can own your own apartment, full use and decision. During the waiting time of the product delivered from here until 2019, the value of the Masteri M-One apartment will continue to grow rapidly over time. This is a huge advantage.

With the superior living space from the Masteri brand chain, M-One Go Vap can be considered as the ideal stopover for residents.

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