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Why Is The South Saigon Urban Area Attracted Many Big Real Estate Companies?

From the “unfinished dream” of many people wanting to develop Saigon South area, so far, there have been many big investment projects are blowing more life for the “rise” of this land. So, what is the reason for this area to move so strongly?

Convenient location, transportation system has great coverage

The Saigon South new urban area is planned on an area of 2,965 hectares, including a 17.8 km backbone road – Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, 120 m wide and 10 lanes, starting from the gateway of the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, through District 7, District 8, Binh Chanh District, stops on National Road No. 1 toward the Mekong Delta and 21 functional subdivisions are built along roads constituting the modern urban area.

South Saigon urban area is attracted many big real estate companies
Saigon South New Urban is planned on an area of 2,965 ha

Saigon South is an urban strip located on the same axis of the road connecting District 1 and District 5, where traffic system with high coverage: Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, Hiep Phuoc Port, Soai Rap Stream, Phu My Bridge,… This is the favorable conditions to develop a dynamic urban area.

In addition to favorable location, natural conditions in Saigon South also create new development potential for this area: dense canal system, near Can Gio protection forest – green leaf of Ho Chi Minh City, This is an ideal condition for ecological urban development.

Phu My Hung – a model urban area, development center of special economic zones

Opening for the development of Saigon South, Phu My Hung urban area has emerged as a phenomenon of the real estate market since 1992, and so far, the area is still a hot spot on the market attracting a large segment of the wealthy population, including many foreigners: Koreans and Taiwanese. In particular, this is a vibrant urban area with many foreign investors and many green projects change the face of the area. The system of trade centers, with the participation of many foreign investors, makes this area develop faster.

South Saigon urban area is attracted many big real estate companies
Phu My Hung urban area

This model urban area has created momentum for the entire South City area, creating confidence for investment projects with the dream of building it into a dynamic special economic zone with the color of a river urban in the South.

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Planning to build a special economic zone to attract many big real estate companies

According to the plan to establish Saigon South Special Economic Zone (2015), the development of Saigon South will be concentrated in District 7, Nha Be, Binh Chanh and Can Gio. This project was launched after the city witnessed the strong development of Phu My Hung urban area.

Since information of this plan was launched, real estate investors immediately turned to Saigon South with investment projects from large corporations: Novaland with Sunrise Riverside project, Green Land with Luxcity project, Saigon Sunbay project in Can Gio after years of delay has also been bought by other investors and continues to grow.

South Saigon urban area is attracted many big real estate companies
Project Sunrise Residence – Nha Be class at your fingertips

The development of Saigon South new urban area will certainly not stop in Phu My Hung urban area. That is just the beginning of a “big change” of the land south of the city. It shows that the development trend of big cities in the world can be fully realized in Vietnam: To develop to the South, to the sea – that is the good direction of the city. And you can find a perfect place to settle in this new urban area with great potential.

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