Why Is There A Difference In Selling Prices Between Apartments In The Same Project?

Many customers when buying apartments often wonder why there is a difference in the price of sqm between apartments in the same project. Through this article, Vietnam real estate will explain why this situation occurs.

The current situation shows that the sale price of the apartment in the same project depends on the investor, including some typical factors such as:

  • Price varies with a view (Including landscape, visibility, the higher the price of the apartment increase or decrease depending on the culture of the region).
  • Prices vary by location (corner units usually cost more than other units on the same floor).
  • Price changes in the direction (Usually customers choose the east, south or north, but the west direction is less select).

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Right now, Vietnamrealestate will analyze each case for you to read the reference:

The higher the price, the higher the selling price

Why is there a difference in selling prices between apartments in the same project?

High rise apartments are usually priced higher than low-rise apartments

This situation occurs more in the South when many people prefer to live in high-rise apartments, resulting in not enough supply so investors give the apartment prices higher floor “floor” than a lower floor apartment bit. The trend of many people to choose the upper floor is because they want to enjoy a clean living environment, less smoke, stench, insects, noise … Also, when in high floor apartments, they also enjoy The panoramic view covers the whole area, easy to see the sunset and sunrise without worrying about other buildings obscured.

Small apartment area will be high selling price and large apartment area will be low selling price

According to Vietnamrealestate, some investors are now inclined to encourage buyers to buy large flats by launching more attractive selling prices than buying small flats. This is explained by the small area apartments are easy to sell, the small amount, while the time to sell large apartments will be longer. It is easy to see the customer “conflict” to buy small area apartments in a good project with reputable investors.

Why is there a difference in selling prices between apartments in the same project?

The larger the area, the lower the price per square meter

West-priced apartments are cheaper than apartments in the East, South and North

Due to the weakness of the heat, the West apartments are often chosen by fewer customers, so many investors offer for the price per sqm cheaper than the apartments in the East, South and North. However, the price difference between the directions is not high. If customers are financially constrained, they can choose some of the west-facing apartments to be sold well by the owner, and then renovate some items to reduce the heat in the home.

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Corner price m2 higher than ordinary apartments

Why is there a difference in selling prices between apartments in the same project?

The corner of the property is beautiful and airy so the price is usually high

According to Vietnamrealestate, the corner is only the apartments located in the corner of an apartment building, usually corner location will be located 2 frontages. The structure of a condominium has only 4 corners per floor, so the corners are not much (each floor has only 4 units). Therefore, the corner price is higher than the middle apartment is reasonable. Because it is located in the corner, there is no apartment next door to the corner is very cool, windy and lights more than other conventional apartments. On the ground floor, there is more space for display.

The apartments near the elevator and garbage focus area will be cheaper

Normally, an apartment building has many apartments and is located in many different locations. However, the apartments are located near the elevator area of the building, or garbage collection areas are often less chosen by customers because of the impact of odors and noise. Therefore, many investors will also reduce the price of m2 for these apartments to help customers enjoy more and choose.

Why is there a difference in selling prices between apartments in the same project?

Apartments located near or opposite the apartment elevator area are often cheaper

Notice for customers: When buying apartments, customers need to be clear before the advertising that real estate brokers offer, usually they will offer the lowest price of the project, For example, The price is only VND25 million / sqm. However, this price of the apartment is not beautiful,  or the grounds are a large area with 3 bedrooms, duplex, penthouse, … Certainly, the units are the small amount of base 1 Bedrooms will not have such low prices.

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