Why Should You Buy Vinhomes Golden River?

Vinhomes Golden River Apartment has what specials you should choose to buy?

Vinhomes Golden River is considered the golden land of Saigon, promising to be a new wind for the real estate market of Saigon in particular and the real estate market in general. Especially the apartment has brought a fever to investors as well as customers, bringing a new face adorn the face of Saigon with a modern, luxurious architecture.

Vinhomes Golden River owns an extremely prime location.

Vinhomes Golden River project is located at 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It can be said that the project is located in the golden position of the center of Saigon, this is Ba Son port. Moreover, the Vinhomes Golden River project becomes more valuable when it owns two fronts, on Nguyen Huu Canh Street and Ton Duc Thang Street. These are two extremely important roads connecting the trade center in Saigon. Owning such a prime location, Vinhomes Golden River ensures high liquidity and continuous increase in value.

Vinhomes Golden River

Vinhomes Golden River International Furniture comes from Europe

Vinhomes Golden River is located in the heart of District 1, next to the Saigon River with an area of 25.29 ha. In addition, the land adjacent to 4 districts of the city center that is District 1, District 2, District 4 and Binh Thanh District. From this location you can easily move into the city center, just a few minutes to walk on the street and financial center of Ho Chi Minh. This is what the real estate market pay attention to a lot.

The project’s traffic connection system is excellent when it can be traversed both by road and by rail. And the electric iron service can be connected directly to the Metro Terminal 4 and the waterway with a 5-star marina.

Vinhomes Golden River is ecological zone in the center of the city.

With a scale of up to 25.29 hectares, while the density of the entire area is only 18.6%, along with the number one landscape design in the United States has studied, selected and applied the model a city within a city. Along with the system of utilities 5-star luxury has created a city center of eco-class in the center of Saigon right with model city in the city that Vinhomes Golden River applied. What’s special is that Vinhomes Golden River owns a chain of utility systems around the apartment such as places of commerce, finance, culture, entertainment, services. With Vinhomes Golden River the investor plans to build a package infrastructure to bring comfort inside the building and impressive living space for residents.

Benefits, value when investing in Vinhomes Golden River

All customers have the need to buy apartments to be completely safe, because Vinhomes Golden River apartment is a very right choice. This is a very ideal place to stay in the center of District 1. You and your relatives will experience, enjoy a flawless lifestyle, full facilities with relatives and family. .

On behalf of investors, Vinhomes Golden River fully meet the elements, requirements from the position of gold to the most reputable investors in Vietnam with the perfect utility services of 5 star quality. In addition, Vinhomes Golden River as well as meet all the needs even the most rigorous to create a highly profitable investment opportunities in the busy city center.

Utility services of Vinhomes Golden River

Vinhomes Golden River

Vinhomes Golden River owns 5 star international standard utilities

The facilities here meet international standards to give residents a perfect and complete life. The lounge-style 5-star hotel serves the needs of residents and guests. Children of the apartment are taught in the best possible environment with a Vinschool interlibrary system. High-quality trade centers, cinemas and food service centers always ensure high quality of food hygiene and safety. Secured security system, camera 24/24 to monitor and monitor the entire apartment. Along the riverside of the high-end yacht system stretches over 1.5 km. The central air conditioning system and tropical gardens are 1ha in the Vinhomes Golden River Villas. Your family’s health is taken care by a team of professional, dedicated and experienced doctors. Doctors come from the international general hospital Vinmec, with the standard of 5 stars. Vincom Trade Center will help you to enjoy shopping and entertainment here.

Vinhomes Golden River with high-end interior system

The criteria of Vinhomes Golden River are for the upper class of a top-class apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. The apartments in Vinhomes Golden River use the furniture with major brands in the world such as Duravit sanitary wares, kitchens with the famous Bosh brand.

Besides, the whole Vinhomes Golden River project is equipped with international standard E-Low glass. The installation of the E-Low glass system makes you look at the outside space in the most comfortable way. At the same time, the intelligent apartment control system installed in the entire apartment will allow you to operate your home appliances with your telephone system.

At this place residents not only enjoy, relax in a peaceful space that Vinhomes Golden River also brings residents a green space, a fresh environment and the best conditions. In addition, investors investing in Vinhomes Golden River will ensure the safety and profitability, not only for us but also for future generations, our children and grandchildren. With an attractive return on investment, a special loan offer from a partner bank, this is definitely a lucrative investment for the consumer.

These are the reasons why Vinhomes Golden River is so trusted and selected by so many guests.

For further information, please contact Vinhomes Ba Son Sales Department at Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688 for information and best support.

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