Why The Real Estate Is “Keen On” The Bottom Land In The South Of Da Nang?

Being considered as “golden goose” by the real estate investors, the foundation soil market in the South of Danang is increasing its attractiveness thanks to the favorable position, leverage from the planning, comparative advantages in price and potential for sustainable profitability.

The market is rich in potential

Affirming the special attractiveness of the foundation soil market segment in the South of Danang, real estate experts considered, in the coming time, the heat of this product line will certainly not stop.
As Mr. Marc Townsend said, General Director of CRBE Vietnam, with the city’s strategy to make Da Nang “a Singapore of Vietnam”, the potential of this real estate market will be developed further, but still retain a steady profit margin. In great strategy, the South of Danang will be focused on developing into a center of modern ecological urban with international standards. So where to find a place to settle permanently or to invest sustainable profit, and a destination is more ideal than the South of Danang now, especially when the price of land here is still very low compared to the potential.
Bottom land Da Nang

The potential of Danang’s real estate market will be further developed, but the profit will remain stable.

According to surveys in some ecological urban projects of prestigious investors, which is interested in from the customers and the investors in the South of Danang area, foundation land prices are ranging from 242 to 572 USD/ Sqm. The price is only about 1/10 of the price range of products in the same segment in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Especially, in the context of the depletion of a land fund in large cities, the product line of foundation land in the large-scale ecological urban of the “worth living city” has proved more and more attractive by the utility chain of 5-star accommodation, green spaces that are given maximum priority.

On the other hand, comparing foundation land investment with other profitable investment types such as gold, bank deposits or securities, expert Duong Thuy Dung, director of research and market survey CBRE Vietnam said that, foundation land is the most attractive investment channel. In addition to the psychology of investment in a land of the Vietnamese people from the past, in fact, investment in foundation land is now showing itself to be “credible” by the stability, sustain value and good potential profit in the future.
“If foundation land prices do not rise, they will almost never decline. In particular, for markets such as Danang, advantage in comparing price is not a prerequisite to persuade investors to invest capital, which is the prospect. There is the possibility to be in the same price range, but if Danang market prospects are better than other markets such as Nhatrang, foundation land investment channel in Danang will also attract more real estate than Nhatrang. The bigger outlook means the possibility of good price increases in the future” Ms. Dung analyzed.

“Pair chopsticks, choose the flagpole”

Taking the chance to welcome large capital flows that are racing, during the last times, the market in the South of Danang has shown spectacular changes. Besides the general advantage in the modern infrastructure and transportation of the whole city, in the South of Danang, the southern ring road completed in early 2016 has helped link the center with the strongly developing urban area through the Nguyen Tri Phuong Bridge, and link Danang to neighboring markets. More modern works such as Hoa Xuan bridge that have been extended with a span, the bridge no.1 that is under construction linking the area where concentrate the most large-scale ecological urban area with Son Thuy beach which is 3ha wide have continued to open up a new promising real estate investment market.
Bottom land Da Nang

Thanks to the urban space development strategy and the great leverage of infrastructure, only in a short time, South Danang real estate market has become more exciting than ever.

Thanks to the urban space development strategy and the big levers of infrastructure, only in a short time, the real estate market in the South of Danang has become more exciting than ever. From Cam Le district, Ngu Hanh Son to Dien Ban town (Quang Nam province), a series of large-scale real estate projects have been formed to catch the big chance of profitability from the upcoming international events such as the APEC 2017 Summit or Da Nang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF 2017 and the high-quality lineup of millions of people will come.

“Right time, right place” the South of Danang has had both. However, according to experts, to choose good products, customers and investors need to carefully study the market in order to put the fund into the right target. “There are a number of factors that investors need to know in order to select a good foundation land product – they are: the location of the project, the reputation of the investor, the quality of the project, the utility system and the laws of the project” Ms. Duong Thuy Dung shared. In addition, according to Ms. Dung, if customers and investors can choose good foundation land areas in the project of the big investor, the investor will certainly build and improve the system of utility, infrastructure in and around the project. Then, surely land prices will rise.
Attractive prices, qualitative products and sustainable profit potential, they are indeed the gold “keyword”, which makes Danang foundation land always stand firm in the most attractive segment of investment products to the market, absorbing large capital flows to the capital of tourism in the central region.
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