3 Outstanding Advantages Of Ha Do Centrosa Project In District 10

Ha Do Centrosa District 10 is one of the famous real estate projects in 2016, and it booms in the first sales time in July. More than 80% of units are ordered during the first week. Perhaps you will wonder why the appeal of the project is so great, but for real estate specialists surely know the reason.

This article is not for professionals but for those who are not well versed in the real estate market but want to know more about it. Therefore, this article can help them plan their investment or retirement.

Whatever your purpose, let’s take a look at the 3 advantages of Ha Do District 10 project, this is the gold information for you easier in every decision.

  1. Ha Do District 10 project owns the gold position – Potential land:

District 10 is considered as one of the central district of Ho Chi Minh City with crowded population and business activities. 3/2 Street is the main road and center of this district, so when the Ha Do District 10 project is located at 200, 3/2 Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, it has created a strong housing fever.

In the crowded Saigon, the project investor has created a super-size and super-green project with a total area of 68,000 square meters and 21 green gardens. It is expected that Ha Do Garden will consist of 3 zones with a total of 2,100 apartments. There are 3 main zones in the project including school area, low building (8 ranges 115 houses, 4-5 floors) and high buildings (8 blocks).

Ha Do Centrosa Garden

It can be said HaDo Centrosa is the project has the best location in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

This huge, green, and spacious project that is located at the center of District10 is no longer as great. Not to be overstated when we can say it is the ultimate central project. The location of Ha Do project is sure to be a place where anyone wishes to live a lifetime.

Apartments in District 10 are always a very high value. The housing price, landing price in here are always increased per second, per minute, especially when the presence of Metro No. 2 Ben Thanh – An Suong. As the result, if you want to invest or live, Ha Do District 10 is the smartest choice.

  1. The investor of Ha Do project is prestige in the real estate market at a high segment:

Ha Do Centrosa Garden is owned by Ha Do 756 Sai Gon Joint Stock Company. This is a member of the famous Ha Do Group in the real estate market. Therefore, the reputation and prestige of the project are guaranteed 100% safe in terms of construction progress, project potential, and related legal documents.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden

The gym is extremely modern with full equipment to serve the needs of users

Experiencing 26 years in this industry, possessing abundant human resources, strong financial resources, and seasoned talent records, and topping the most prestigious real estate companies in Vietnam in 2016, the Ha Do Group The is a trustworthy investor.

When looking at the development cooperation partnerships (such as Surbana (Singapore), Savills – Vietnam, Architype (France), etc) with Ha Do District 10 project, you will see the class. Because of its investor’s prestige, Ha Do District 10 project has been supported by many banks with extremely low-interest rates, long term loans. This is a great strength for those who have financial potential being not enough to own a high-end apartment.

  1. Apartments in Ha Do District 10 project are at the good price:

Ha Do Centrosa Garden apartments are designed in a variety of sizes about 47 sqm – 240 sqm, and the number of bedrooms is from 1 to 4.  It is very easy to buy for your demand.

Whether you buy an apartment for a living or a long-term, short-term investment, it’s effective. This is not an overstatement, but it is entirely true when you see the project potential.

District 10 is a crowded place, the population is always gathering to trade and study, so the demand for rent is very much. As the result, when you own an apartment in Ha Do Project District 10 for rent, it will certainly make extremely high profits for you.

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