4-A Level House Is  Simple, Economical But It Is Still Shimmering

Do you believe there is no need to design fancy, do not need to spend too much on design and construction and still own a beautiful dream home or not?

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The house is beautiful, everyone wants, because it is not only a shelter for sunshine but for Vietnamese people, the house is also the pride of the owner. However, because of the limited financial resources we have, we will have to accept the unfavorable points in our homes. So in this article, Vietnam Real Estate will introduce you to one of the simple, yet simple, yet elegant designs.

Beautiful house type 4 simple and economical

In this case, the greatest advantage of the landlord is the very large area, about 165sqm. Therefore, the architect decided to use about 80sqm for housing construction, the rest will arrange garden and trees to enhance the aesthetics and ventilation of living space.

Beautiful house designed with 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms. In addition, the space between the living room and the bedroom is also arranged a small sub-landscape with the favorite plants of the host.

Simple 4th grade house

The layout of the interior of the beautiful house

Because homeowners want to save on the cost of designing the house as well as building, the architect will use hot-rolled roofing to roof instead of tile or flat roofs. In general, this material is now commonly used and will not adversely affect the aesthetics of the house.

Simple 4th grade house

Heat-resistant steel is used for the roof

The living room of the beautiful house is designed in minimalist style with basic equipment including sofa, TV shelf, 2 small shelves and a decorative bonsai pot. The entire space is painted white combined with tempered glass doors to create a sense of ventilation. Behind the shelf, The TV has a rustic brick wall in a rustic style, which in the design of the living room makes the living room more enjoyable and boring.

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Simple 4th grade house

The living room is simply designed and luxurious

The dining room is located next to the kitchen. This space is impressed by the green chairs neatly arranged around a modern wooden dining table. Above them is a very large chandelier with colors similar to the color of the wood. The architect also cleverly uses glass doors separating this space from the entire home to smell food from the stove that does not touch the surrounding rooms.

Simple 4th grade house

Colorful dining room extremely youthful

Here is the bedroom of the beautiful house. Although it looks very simple with two colors – white gray – mainstream but this room still brings a warm, luxurious feeling thanks to the carpet under the carpet.

Simple 4th grade house

Sweet, warm bedroom

The cost of housing design and construction is oriented savings but can see even the toilet of the house is carefully scrutinized in a classic style quite sophisticated rather than simply outside the living room. However, it does not occupy much space nor cost too much.

Simple 4th grade house

The bathroom is carefully tidy

The total cost of design, construction of the house is less than VND 500 million and completely ensure comfortable living space for the family of four people. Vietnam Real Estate thinks that this is a beautiful house design that we should refer to.

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