What Interior Colors Are Favored By Designers In 2017?

Every year, interior designers sit back and look at the colors they want to be using for their interior designs, drawing on the general rules of design and producing color trends “prime location”. One thing certain: 2017 is the year of dark interior color and high shine.

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The dramatic blue and black interior

A bluish-black color contrasts with the light wall color. This seductive color is used with glossy paint to double the dramatic of the house.

Interior color favors 2017

Dark blue appears at low frequency but causes strong visual accent thanks to its contrast to the wall

Natural mustard gold

Yellow-orange, a high-gloss color that naturally clings to the wall, is often combined with turquoise to reduce its harsh, hot color.

Interior color favors 2017

Gold mustard gently does not cause hot flashes

Blue heaven – eternal colors

Color is dubbed the easiest combination but still does not lose the noble. However, to highlight this blue is not easy. You can use it on unbelievably flat surfaces, like the kitchen counter, especially when combined with gloss paint to increase the intensity.

Interior color favors 2017

Green spirit is always the most used color because of its safety

Green gold for lively interiors

One of the hottest interior colors of 2017. When the blue is mixed with yellow, the result will be a warm color and the outer space becomes closer to the room in the room. The room became idyllic but incredibly lively

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Interior color favors 2017

Green is mixed with a golden tint that makes the colors cool but still warm

Accurate green interiors

In 2017, a neutral color such as dark blue is favored for its usability. The combination of green color creates a high-brightness duo and directs the gaze to objects in the room.

Interior color favors 2017

Difficult days of dark blue interior become obsolete

Gold mysterious hot technology

Trends in the use of dark blue and gray for the walls in recent years have opened the door for a string of brilliant colors to the throne in 2017. In this trend, yellow turmeric emerged as a dark color and most hot year, bring mystery to the house.

Interior color favors 2017

The interior and color of the yellow walls make this room deeper

Above are the colors that have been making the wind in the interior design industry this year. Do not forget to refer to the advice to choose the paint color for the ceiling to the best home furniture and is a perfect combination.

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