The Trend Of Beautiful And Small Houses: Living Space Is Guaranteed?

The land of Saigon is crowded, and it is not difficult to see houses less than 30sqm or even smaller. These homes are always paid attention to the design to create beautiful homes to attract buyers. But living in such houses, is the owner really satisfied?

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Share of insiders

Mr. Chien, an HCM City salesman, shared with us that his family of four lives in an apartment of 22 sqm, built over 50 years ago and that the building is still in existence. very solid According to him, his small house is quite cramped because of many belongings. Plus the kids are growing up so the need for private space is very necessary. “The crowded, crowded, sometimes tired from work, I just want to sleep and still can not find the quiet necessary,” he said indifferently.

However, Ms.Huong, who is also one of the owners of a small house we know, is extremely satisfied with her place of residence. According to her, the small house has a great benefit is extremely save time cleaning, small houses less area, so the sense of preservation of the members is also higher.

And most importantly, according to her, just a few changes with the beautiful home furnishings. Especially intelligent furniture-saving space, plus make use of mezzanine to sleep, her whole family can live comfortably with her house less than 25sqm.

The trend is pretty small

Beautiful home design with smart furniture, the same color

The beautiful home design is one of the top priority issues if you own a nice little home or are planning to invest in it. Design needs to be meticulously planned, from the layout of the functional space to the use of furniture. Your ingenuity will create a more open space for the house, making the house small but extremely warm modern.

With the trend in the small house increasingly beautiful, the birth of the home furniture is pretty hard to understand. Guest furniture can be transformed into beds, utilizing wall hangers or stairs for wardrobes, using bunk beds, stacking, using furniture that can be folded neatly … You are small but it is martial!

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Small beautiful house – the good choice should not be overlooked!

In fact, in the last few years, when housing demand is rising drastically, small homeownership choices are getting more and more concerned. Everyone wants to buy a nice house, buy a new home. However, if financial conditions do not allow you to think of a reasonably sized home, call them a perfect home the way you want them to.

The trend is pretty small

Nice little house gives you a warmer living space closer

It is important, you really comfortable in that small house. The living space of the small house is very inconvenient but also has many advantages. It helps to connect the members better, warm the family atmosphere, and reduce the financial pressure for homeowners. Therefore, the tendency to buy a small house will certainly be a trend has not faded in the next few years, according to experts in the housing industry.

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