Surprisingly The Laundry Room “Peeling” Thanks To Interior Improvements

Sharp, airy and clean is the interior design formula that is always applied to the laundry room. However, with a little creativity in color and layout, you can transform your laundry space into a nice house.

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The laundry room below has a solid chassis, high ceilings and walled windows with open windows. However, these architectural details did not prevent the sense of urgency when entering the room by the brown stonework and window curtains that prevented the light from entering.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

Prior to the “improvement” of interior design, the room consisted of two washrooms and toilets

After recognizing the problem in the interior design of the laundry room, the designers gave the room a new look with their hands-on technology. They dismantle the dividers between the rooms, thicker the floor, and attached to the ceiling tiles of fish bone. A coat of navy blue paint spread on the interior edges and soon the room lit up.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

Just a little change with the interior and the room has turned into a multifunctional place of the family

Both washing machines and dryers occupy a sizeable area, so designers push them into a corner of the room. The space-saving area will be utilized to turn the spacious laundry room into a multi-functional room, a “family headquarters”.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

Previous room space, facing the kitchen

When embarking on the reform process, designers plan to incorporate multiple functions into the empty laundry room, which is located opposite the kitchen. They set up a study table in the space below the window facing the garden. This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or work on your laptop.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

The laundry room is not simply a laundry room, it has become an efficient working space

Given the limited number of square meters in the laundry room, all furniture should be positioned vertically. It can be seen that after the renovation of the interior, not only the laundry area but the room across the room is also expanded and look neat, more useful to see.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

The space on the other side of the room before the renovation of the interior is rather cramped and less functional

The navy blue cabinets occupy a corner, a “natural” kitchen counter, a utility sink, and a stand that is individually made to accommodate bulky appliances such as brooms, mops On the other side of the room is a washing machine and dryer that overlap, next to space not designed for hanging.

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Navy and white navy are not the only colors present in the room. The green space outside the window turns into a curtain as the backdrop for the pretty room.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

The room after the design improvements, become airy and more powerful

Even if you think that the laundry room is filled with hardware furniture, we can still add multi-purpose designs in the small toilet area without disturbing the eye.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

Even small toilets can also “put on new clothes”

In this small space, porcelain ceramic tiles look luxurious and comfortable. The suspension is wooden and should swing gently in the wind when the door opens, causing the sun to shine through the veil. Right above the window is the ventilation, making the room look fresh than ever.

Laundry room "peeling" thanks to interior improvements

Black ceilings and fixed glazed tiles

The beautiful blue ocean mirror attracts the eye

Buying a house is spacious but without the smart design investment, it is very easy to waste the area. Therefore, always consult the interior design ideas for the optimal home before embarking on your home decorations.

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