Upgrade The Old Kitchen To New One By Interior Design

One of the hardships of renting a house is facing an old kitchen. But the good news is that you can completely improve this situation with interior design.

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There is no perfect rental home. If unlucky, a dirty and dirty kitchen will always make you frown when renting. Shelves, appliances, floors … are covered with a layer of grease and dirt as if they were not cleaned for centuries.

Before thinking of never cooking at home again, take a look at some of the temporary interior design tips below to modernize grimy details. Just move and add some accessories as you have a new, sleek kitchen.

Improve the kitchen interior by removing the cabinet

Removing all the cabinets of the upper shelves will instantly brighten up space and give you more space to showcase your beautiful cups.

Upgrade the kitchen from old to new by interior design

Removing the closet is not a bad idea?

Wall “artificial” with decorative paper

Many kitchens look like a perfect wall covering, using only a special wallpaper. You can buy wallpaper at the supermarket to cover the kitchen wall. Many high-end stickers have the ability to turn a wall into a brick wall with luxury.

Upgrade the kitchen from old to new by interior design

Wallpaper will improve the kitchen interior design space seen

Change the hardware of the kitchen

Small changes can bring big differences, bringing new wind to your rental home. Do not hesitate to pick metallic handles with polished nickel holders or bronze brass knobs. You will not be disappointed!

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Upgrade the kitchen from old to new by interior design

Changing the hardware interior will make the kitchen look cleaner

Che goes to the counter

If you do not like the glaze on the counter, cover it with vinyl to get the look you want from the rock to the wood you want, and importantly you can change it to your liking… When moving, to return the stall to its original state, you just need to remove the fabric, it is easy.

Upgrade the kitchen from old to new by interior design

This perfect glaze is actually just a vinyl, is not it ?!

Upgrade the floor

Of course, nothing makes the kitchen feel more like a completely refurbished floor. So, just keep your kitchen furniture clean, the kitchen looks alright. Horizontal stripes or checkered racks will make the space even more spacious.

Upgrade the kitchen from old to new by interior design

Floors make the kitchen change drastically

Owning a small rental home does not mean that you do not have the right to upgrade it at your own discretion with interior design tips for small homes, especially.my house.

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