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6 Core Elements Of A Beautiful Living Space

Beautiful living space

Architecture is an art and also a natural emotion that comes in, both regular and irregular. Obviously, it is imperative to adhere to the elements to ensure the safety, quality, construction permission…

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But the difference in design, innovation in the way of thinking, the direction is impossible to stereotype. let’s be hollow. These are the things that beautiful living space must meet.

There are living spaces in terms of decorative elements, aesthetics does not achieve a score of 10, but considering the combination of three beautiful elements – the use of functionality – the comfort of the user is really perfect.

The essentials to have a beautiful living space

Today, Vietnam Real Estate will suggest to you the factors that make your home life beautiful and “worth living”. Watch out!

1 / Different architecture

Beautiful living space
Bamboo House is world famous for its unique architecture from outside

Very few of the beautiful metro spaces in the big city are evaluated by their appearance because with limited space, houses are built close to each other according to a certain standard so often there is not much disruption. However, if there are differences, when appearing in Vietnam, they also appear on the newspaper pages.

2 / Interior substance

Nice 4th-floor space below is scored by furniture. Choosing, arranging, arranging harmonious interior has made the space beautiful not imagine.

Beautiful living space
Interior is the soul of the house, investment, care for it is that you are blowing “soul” into your living space

The trend of “little but quality” in the selection of furniture is crowned, so many families only retain the necessary items for daily life to create spacious space, airy space. Living not only is beautiful but also brings calm moments, most peaceful.

3 / Ensure utility

Beautiful living space
Arranging full power on a fixed land fund is an art of space that not everyone can do

The space of the beautiful pipe house,  4 level house or villa … no matter what architectural style, equipped with high-end furniture like but not meet the use of the power just to “watch”. So, on the existing land, architects have to arrange space to ensure the convenience, convenience, full for the user.

4 / Garden yard, small landscape

Beautiful living space
Garden area not only make living space more beautiful but also help your family live fresh, comfortable

If only the hardening of the walls, then the house suddenly turned into hell, but when you return home, you do not find the feeling of gentle, relaxed again. Arranging the area of the outdoor garden or small garden for small area is also a way to live beautiful house perfect, more comfortable.

5 / Ventilation

Beautiful living space
Ventilation is a very important element in modern life, especially in the city’s tube houses

Window systems, skylights, windshields and lighting, and other household items … are one of the many ways you can create ventilation for your home. Nice, expensive items but in a gloomy atmosphere, depressed, a little hot and hot, even if there is a beautiful living space is not happy to be healthy every day…

6 / Feng shui

Beautiful living space
Feng shui housing is a prudent factor to bring more fortune, luck into the house

Whether your home is a nice pipe space home or level 4, feng shui elements should not be overlooked. House style, color, furniture, doors … must feng shui to be able to get home.

The above are the things that you need to ensure that you can be immersed in a beautiful living space, ensuring the ability and comfort. Wish you have a comfortable, peaceful rest at your home.

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