A Gold And Unique Location Of Ha Do Centrosa District 10

Ha Do Centrosa District 10 is located in the gold and unique location near Dan Chu 6-way crossroads.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 apartment owning a great scale and a good location is currently evaluated the most potential project in the city by real estate experts. In addition to its good price and its high-class interior design, above all the attraction of Ha Do Centrosa is its location considered as “a gold and unique location”.

  1. Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 apartment owns a location in the heart of the City:
Ha Do Centrosa project

Face with total of Ha Do Centrosa project

Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 apartment is owned by Ha Do Corporation, it is currently red hot property project in District 10 in particular and in the City in general.

In addition to its large scale, a variety of high-class facilities and fresh environment, it is famous for its location. This is the most important factors to evaluate whether the project is potential. Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 apartment can offer two important factors which is a reasonable price and a good location of a property project.

On a large scale, it is located along three main roads of District 10 as Cach Mang Thang 8, 3/2 and Cao Thang, therefore, you can move to any district from its location about just a minute. Even to go to District 1 or 3 or 5, it only takes 2-3 minutes. Later, when Metro 2 Line between Ben Thanh and An Suong officially come into operation, the project will become more favorable as for traffic.

Thank to its location, it is certain that Ha Do Centro Garden 3/2 will always attract visitors and increase prices over time.

  1. Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 apartment is located in the area that the real estate price is always rising.

It is clear that Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 apartment is located in the gold location which the property is raising its prices on a daily basis. It is right to is compare each inch of land here to diamond.

Ha Do Centrosa project

Ha Do Centrosa Apartment District 10 has an impressive scale

If you have the opportunity to own a unit of the project to settle, this is your pride, and if you own a large number of apartments to invest, you own the “gold mine”. Because its prices have always soared, from the first sale, 80% of apartments were cleanly purchased in just 7 days. This is a record sale apartment that few people pass, only in Ha Do.

Many people who bought the house said that they quickly owned the unit because they believed that house prices would increase in the next sales, as the heat of the project did not cool down.

This is a wise choice because the current high-grade apartment project in the center of Saigon is not much, if any the price is very high. However, Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 Apartment offered at super soft prices. Thus, the sale of many apartments is completely understandable. It can be said that Ha Do investors have taken a risky step or they set up a mission-based project that is to create conditions for Vietnamese people having the opportunity to experience high life.

  1. Ha Do Centrosa Garden 3/2 apartment built with the largest scale in the heart of the City.

The land area of over 6.85 hectares will have 115 townhouses and over 2,100 apartments and a variety of facilities as expected 21 gardens, swimming pools, parks, entertainment and shopping areas, kindergartens, schools, spa and sports area, etc will be built in Ha Do Centrosa Garden.

Building a large scale in the center of the city is not easy, however, Ha Do Corporation has done it. Thank to its scale and location, it is obvious to see the potential of the project and its growth in the future. It is expected to be going to complete in 2019, Ha Do Apartment Centrosa Garden 3/2 will be sought after and talked about many times, and be the most active project in the housing market.

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