Analyzing The Kenton Node Space Projects

The Kenton Node Hotel Complex project is highly valued for its design or layout. Let’s join Real Estate Express analysis of this project.

There are many criteria that make the worth of a real estate project, in which the design of site planning is important. Because of this factor, Resources Company, when they invest in Kenton Node Hotel Complex, they have set the criteria of space on the top. At the project is being highly rated as Kenton Node, if you want to understand the categories here, you should refer to the article below.Certainly, after researching the analysis and introduction of the premises below the Kenton Node Hotel Complex Apartments, you will not regret the time you have invested.

1. On the design of real estate products at Kenton Apartment Complex Node Hotel Complex

The Kenton Node Hotel Complex is a brand new project, but it is, in fact, the return of Kenton Residence which used to be the famous brand on the market. Still a Resource Owner, but after resolving many of the barriers to objectivity, Kenton Residence, after a long “mantling”, officially returned under the new name called Kenton Node Hotel Complex, but still under Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Resources Co., Ltd is behind to develop.

This is good news for real estate market in the south of Saigon, just because the  Kenton Node Hotel Complex is really a project of class, new stature with many important missions. Regarding this project, we cannot help but point out the special highlights identified by the Resource as soon as the new publication, the Kenton Node Hotel Complex will be a 100-Year Green Sustainable City, set up as a European-style tropical paradise. And above all, at Kenton Node Hotel Complex, nature will be protected, preserved, maintained and developed in harmony with the people.

With a strong comeback in 2017, the project has been changed from the original resource but still retaining the old features. Accordingly, the Apartment Project Kenton Node Hotel Complex will be planning the space into the specific categories as follows:

– Kenton Node Apartments are designed in Western architectural and interior style, ranging in size from 61sqm to 145sqm, based on the split by the bedrooms. Specifically, the project will have the apartment which possesses from 1, 2 to 3 bedrooms, built separately according to different towers. There are nine high-rise buildings at Kenton Node Hotel Complex serve over 3,000 luxury residences.

– In addition to the Apartment, Kenton Node Hotel Complex is also deployed by the investor to deploy five-star hotels and Officetel area with the size of more than 30sqm. It is expected that this item will be invested in about 800 units.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex

The overall project Kenton Node Hotel Complex

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2. The high class of living space at Kenton Apartment Complex Node Hotel Complex

All items of real estate products in the project are invested very synchronously, including the architecture and furniture which are very different from the apartment in district 7. In particular, the apartment will be equipped the corresponding facilities, designed to prevent flooding, humid wind … The Officetel will be equipped with the necessary equipment to create the most modern office area, rated A+.  And of course, with the five-star hotel, the project also meets 100% of the criteria specified in international construction standards (absolutely no claim to the title).

Currently, in the initial stage of construction, Resources will supply to the real estate market of the south of Saigon before 200 luxury apartments. Although the price has not been announced yet, it will also be evaluated at the level of many attractive incentive policies. That’s why investors and individual customers are paying a lot of attention to this Kenton Node Hotel Complex.

Of course, this is predictable, because it has a number of attractive criteria for location, utility, security, and space such as the Kenton Node Hotel Complex. Clearly, smart investors can not ignore.

With its super-prime location, close to the river and pristine environment such as Kenton Node Hotel Complex, the project is truly the most attractive project in the south of Ho Chi Minh City. After completion, the Kenton Node Hotel Complex will certainly provide the owner with a superfluous return on its high liquidity (upon transfer, lease) and the potential value that the property will have to bring.

Any questions about the project or should be consulted, provide more relevant information, you can connect directly with us. We are committed to sharing 100% accurate information on the Kenton Node Hotel Complex Apartments as quickly as possible, as announced by the Resource Manager. Besides the Kenton Node Hotel Complex, you can see the Lancaster Legacy project in district 1.

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