Aqua 4 Vinhomes Golden River Has 6 Golden Advantages

Vinhomes Golden River – The Strengths of Aqua 4 Apartments That You Should Know.

Before opening the sale of Aqua 4, Vinhomes Golden River had been open for sale from April 2016, about two months ago. In less than two months since the beginning of April, Vingroup has successfully sold three towers in The Aqua (Vinhomes Golden River) that is The Aqua 1, The Aqua 2, The Aqua 3.

Following on May 21, 2016, Vingroup Group officially opened the remaining tower in the Aqua which is also the most dominant tower of the population of Aqua in the city’s most ecological urban area “Vinhomes Golden River”

Real Estate Express and co-workers would like to send to our customers, readers, investors a small analysis about the vigor of the apartment building Aqua 4 with the desire to give you some useful information before deciding to buy.

Aqua 4 Vinhomes Golden River

Prime Location Aqua 4 Vinhomes Golden River

  1. The Aqua 4 apartment tower proud of the diamond placement.

Aqua 4 is located near the river and the Marina Bay. It can be said Aqua 4’s view will look directly at Bitexco tower. This is the reason why Aqua 4 is the most anticipated tower in the four Aqua towers 1, 2, 3, 4.

– View of the South – West of Aqua 4 will look over the whole project, tropical gardens, and the whole Saigon River dreaming. And there will not be any apartment block and land fund that can block the view of Aqua 4.

– View East – North is different from Aqua 1, Aqua 2, Aqua 3. The northeast view of Aqua 4 is expected to be extremely hot. All apartments located in the northeast view will face directly to Thi Nghe Canal and Landmark 81 without being blocked. It is expected that all of northeast faces will be extremely hot and special

  1. The Aqua 4 tower inherits the perfect 5-stars benefits of Vinhomes Golden River.

Because of being located in Vinhomes Golden River urban area, the Aqua 4 apartment tower will be inherited all the utilities and services of the most modern Riverside eco-urban center. The city has 25 main utility items and nearly 100 utilities to bring Vinhomes Golden River residents to the best life, the most perfect.

Vinhomes Golden River

Utilities Vinhomes Golden River

  1. Aqua 4 apartment tower adjacent to Metro line

The distance from Aqua 4 to metro station number 3 and Mini Golf is very close. It makes easier for residents living inside the tower to make pots, moving much more flexible than other apartment buildings.

  1. Inherent high value from construction density.

Of all the towers in the Golden River urban area, the Aqua 4 apartment tower is 36 stories tall. And this is considered to be the lowest density of the Vinhomes Golden River project.

  1. Modern high-end furniture comes from well-known brands in the world.

The apartments which are in Aqua 4 in particular and the apartments under the project Vinhomes Golden River, in general, will be transferred by Vingroup investors with high standards as the items of a 5-stars hotel.

  1. Apartment towers with the best price:

Comparing to the view, the Aqua 4 tower just below Luxury 1. Comparing to the price, Aqua 4 will outperform the Luxury 1. This will be the tower worth looking and the most valuable bowl Vinhomes Golden River.

1-bedroom apartments: from $ 132000 to $ 154000 / unit (49.5 – 50.9 sqm)

2-bedroom apartments: from $ 163000 to $ 242000 / unit (68.6 – 83.2 sqm)

3 or 4-bedroom apartments: from $ 326000 to 617000 / unit (109.1 – 155 sqm)

Vinhomes Golden River

Furniter Vinhomes Golden River

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