Victoria Village Is Attractive From The Owner Brand

Among real estate items in Vietnam, the projects invested by Novaland are always highly appreciated. That is why this Victoria Village Project Novaland received a lot of attention and praise from professionals, as well as customers who know the real estate market.

Not to overstate the assertion that the Village Victoria Village Novaland show the charm and superior attractiveness, largely from the prestigious brand investor Novaland Group. How does Novaland really power and how brand-wise? Please update your share below to get the correct answer.

Learn more about the reputation of the Novaland Group – Victoria Village Investor:

As you know, the Victoria Village Novaland Villa Project is the latest living spirit of the Novaland investor. With newcomers to the real estate market, they may not understand this brand. However, if you have a background in Vietnamese real estate, or spend some time exploring the outstanding projects to invest or settle, you will know Novaland.

Novaland Group was established in 1992, formerly known as Thanh Nhon Company, then renamed Novaland Corporation as at present.

Victoria Village

Space of Victoria Village

With 25 years of experience in real estate development, Novaland is considered one of the “big trees” in the Vietnamese real estate market, with chartered capital in 2016 reaching a milestone of VND 5,200 billion. There were times when turbulent real estate market freeze, fall into crisis in 2008. However, with a bold and steady direction, Novaland has quickly overcome difficulties and even made the reputation echo further.

Specifically, in 2008, when other developers were plunging (even bankrupt) for real estate, Novaland spent nearly $ 500 million to invest in a giant apartment complex – office – service called Sunrise City. This is a terrific-scale project covering a total land area of 51,000 square meters, with over 2000 high-end apartments in 12 tall towers of 31 to 35 floors. The project was started construction in the situation of real estate slope area but achieved great success. Sunrise City is Nova lands most memorable landmark and also a project to help the Group reach its brand.

Continuing its success in the past, at present, the Novaland Group has maintained its status and is progressively taking on new investments with greater stature. Currently, the Group owns more than 30 real estate projects (including 7 projects are traded on the market) in the most favorable areas in the center of Saigon, especially the apartment projects located in the prime location in District 2.

Referring to Novaland, images of high-end apartments, modern townhouses, and romantic villas appear instantly in a strikingly elegant way. Those who have experienced life in one of the Novaland-invested projects will surely feel the best from the place to the utilities, from the interior to the architecture.

In recent years, this prestigious real estate group has consistently received numerous national and international awards, such as:

  • The top 10 Asian investors from 2013 to 2016,
  • Famous brand ASEAN 2013,
  • Excellent property brand in 2015…

With more than 2500 talented employees and 15 reputable real estate trading floors in Saigon, you have probably understood the true stature of Novaland Group.

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Victoria Village Novaland Villas – A new take on the trend of investors:

The above is a specific share about the investor of the project Victoria Village Villa Novaland. With such prestige and prestige, the quality of this project is 100% guaranteed.

Victoria Village

Victoria Village pool facilities

The Victoria Village Novaland villa project, when deployed, will inevitably bring great value to the owner. It is beyond the goal of becoming an ideal living space, Victoria Village is also the place to form a civilized community of advanced, knowledgeable and successful.

In fact, if geographically visible, this latest project is a clever step up from Novaland, catching up with the trend. By now, the gateway area of Saigon owns a very large land fund with pristine natural surroundings, rivers with fresh water plants. Not only that, the area is also invested heavily in infrastructure and is an important traffic junction.

Therefore, where the Victoria Village Novaland Villa project is located next year, it will be extremely potent. Novaland has foreseen that and is creating a living space class. Will you be one of the first residents to experience the tranquil, comfortable living here?

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