Be Careful With Projects Labeled Green

In fact, are “green” projects now truly ecological housing projects? Vietnam real estate will share with you some ominous issues surrounding green labeled projects so that you will be more careful when giving money to these projects!

Many green projects are just “donuts” of the owner

In the face of the demand of many people now want to own the apartment in the green project, many investors have attached to their work the label “green” but do not know what the green standard is. brain. In the last 3 years, it’s not hard to find names for projects that start with “Eco”, “Green”, “nature” or “Garden” really?

Be careful with projects labeled green

Be careful with projects labeled green

Many people in Hanoi are very interested in the perspective of the green project that the owner draws: what is the green landscape, grass lawns, swimming pools, gardens, greenery, … but until when they get their house, they know that: inadequate housing infrastructure, green area, play area for children, space for the elderly, etc. are used to construct public items. So it is clear that the green name is just a mark for the owner to sell the project. This “cake pie” was finally destroyed by the owner.

From a perspective, the model to reality is a great distance. So you should not rush to believe in the claims of the owner that must grasp the standards of the green project, find the reputable investor and carefully review the construction process of the project at present.

There are many green trees, grass lawns, … does not mean green projects

Many people are still very vague about the standards of green projects. They think that the project has many green trees, many lawns, flower gardens, swimming pools, etc., all are green projects. The reality of green standards is much more demanding: not only the green landscape but also “green material “, “green site ” and “green power”. Housing in the green project must make the most of natural energy sources – light, water, wind, clean air … and minimize the amount of waste and noxious gas outside the environment.

If you do not see the owner mentioning these elements in the introductory content of the project, you can not be sure the project you are looking at is a real green project.

Be careful while choosing the “green apartment”

Be careful with projects labeled green

First of all you have to learn and choose the prestigious investor, grasp the standards of the green project

To buy an apartment in a green project, you have to spend more money buying regular projects, so you also need to be more careful when choosing. First of all, you have to learn and choose a reputable investor, grasp the standards of the green project and be ready to implement the project to benefit the community and commensurate with the amount of money people have let go. And it is important that you have an understanding of green project standards to protect yourself from the risks of buying and selling.

The green project is the trend of indispensable development of the real estate market in the environment of an increasingly polluted living environment. These are projects that create a sustainable development environment for people. However, you also need to be alert, do not let unscrupulous investors use to profit for themselves. To do so, you need to understand the green standards in the world and in Vietnam today.

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