Suffering In Apartment In Rainy Season

In this article, Vietnam real estate will share with readers the obsessions of people living in the apartment in the rainy season.

The basement turns into a river

Over the past days, the media has repeatedly reported that basements are entirely filled with water making all the car in the basement is under water. Especially a basement on Nguyen Sieu Street (District 1) which leaves 1,000 means of transportation in water, it makes people distress, wait for the car in the heartache, fear.

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Suffering in apartment in rainy season

Flooded basement in an apartment in HCMC (Photo: Internet)

This problem is not only appeared in the rainy season this year that has become the obsession of people living here every time the rainy season. Bad damage is commonplace for means of transportation sunk deep in water. The cost of repairing a motorbike may be small, but for cars parking there, the cost is very high. Moreover, the water is not the source of clean water from nature, but polluted water with garbage, foul odor.

Fear of water flooding the house

Not only is the basement flooded, apartments are not immune from the risk of flooding the house. Every time there is heavy rain, the water can follow the glass door and flood the apartment. Especially in the low-cost apartment, this worry has multiplied because of the infrastructure and inadequate backup methods to prevent the risk. With luxury apartments with wooden floors, if the water soak will cause severe damage. Many people living in the apartment must use mops, old clothes to prevent water, even buckets, pots, utensils in the house are also fully utilized. However, these methods are not useful if it rains heavily.

Suffering in apartment in rainy seasonThis problem requires the investor, the designer of the project must take into account the safety of the apartment when it rains. Avoid the situation when you have finished construction and then discovered the holes in the design, and people living in the apartment have to get these consequences.

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Wade in the rain to get into the apartment

Many people choose the house without paying attention to the area where it is flooded in the rainy season or not. As a consequence of the rainy season, they had to wade in the rain to get into their apartment.

Suffering in apartment in rainy season

Apartment located in flooded area (Photo: Internet)

Be careful to check the house

Be careful with this situation, people should be more cautious about the choice of the project and the area they live in. The best way to assess your house condition when the rainy season comes is to visit the house at this time. Because sometimes the source of information provided to you is not absolutely accurate. The apartment can be bright, green when you come on a beautiful sunshine day, but on a rainy day, it can bring a different face. So be careful when choosing a house, choosing the area is still the best way to protect yourself, to find a safe place for your family.

Surely no one wants the apartment building where they live was turned into an oasis in the rainy season, but how big the rain in Saigon is no longer your obsession? First of all, protect yourself by evaluating the value of your house and looking at your house at the time of the highest flood risk. Hope you will find the safest living space for your family.

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