Disputing Apartments In Hanoi Is The Hot New

Being the most populated city in the country, the Hanoi apartment projects are considered to be a “mathematical” solution to effectively solve the problem of housing for the people.

However, with the advent of a series of joint projects, conflicts have arisen, not only affecting the value of projects but also affecting the lives and the society. In this article, we would like to give a more general look at the situation of Hanoi apartment dispute.

Hanoi apartment dispute boomed

Recent disputes in Hanoi are as common as the areas of common ownership, service charges, etc. In addition, recently the dispute over the construction of the apartment has no road or paintings. Accepting the contribution of capital to buy houses, construction progress, payment also makes the relationship between the investor and the buyer stress.

Disputes in the Hanoi apartment project evolutions are increasingly increasing and extremely complex. Famous names that can not be ignored are Golden Silk, Ho Guom Plaza, EcoLife Capitol …

Disputing apartments in Hanoi is the hot new

Golden Silk is one of the most controversial apartment projects today

Disputes in Hanoi apartment caused serious consequences. Many real estate experts say that the dispute is proportional to the decline in value and the level of condominium consumption.

Specifically: when the dispute occurs, the volume of purchase transactions of apartments will be reduced. Depending on the level of disputes, the amount of transactions as well as the value of the apartment is reduced more or less. The apartment dispute has a huge impact on the value of the apartment after the handover. Home buyers are also reluctant to purchase disputed projects between residents and investors.

Disputing apartments in Hanoi is the hot new

Disputes cause many unfortunate consequences for both parties

In reality, the real estate market of the Hanoi apartment block is selling exciting loss. Many investors accept the loss from a few million to VND5 7 million/sqm apartment to attract buyers. The apartments continuously reduce the average price of VND100million – VND300 million / unit. Selling losses have a direct impact on investors because they not only do not recover capital but also risk loss.

Condominium disputes not only affect the value of the whole project. On the other hand, it causes many problems and fatigue for both parties, including capital loss, capital gain, loss of prestige and profit reduction.

An effective solution to minimize apartment disputes

Condominium dispute is something that no one wants. Facing the situation of mass apartment disputes now need to have solutions to limit and overcome the problem.

For homebuyers to avoid a dispute, the buyer needs to ask the owner to provide him/her with information related to the project. In addition, home buyers need to pay attention to some important content in the contract. These include agreements on contract value, house purchase costs, future fees such as building management fees, parking fees, maintenance fees, etc and one more thing. The buyer should not ignore the need to clearly determine the initial costs when buying a home that you need to pay to avoid disputes later.

Disputing apartments in Hanoi is the hot new

People need to study and learn about the project before investing

For investors should comply with the provisions of the law on housing and house sale procedures. Investors also need to properly implement the contents of the contract on the handover deadline and quality assurance of the project. Transparency, openness and honesty in investment are also things that investors should have in order to build trust for their customers when buying apartments.

Apartment disputes are really a persistent and difficult problem to solve. Hanoi apartment disputes have a significant impact on the domestic real estate market. Therefore, investors should have timely and timely solutions to resolve the disputes. This work not only helps people peace of mind but also help a lot for investors in the coming business.

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