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Beautiful House Makes Everyone Wish To Own

nice house

Nothing is more wonderful if you live in a beautiful house like this.

This house in Japan is not externally visible, but inside is a piece of architectural art.

nice houseThe house is designed in the form of open space in which the kitchen and dining room have access to the garden behind the unique.

nice houseThe dining table is located close to the corridor. It can become an ideal reading place, help the owner just reading the book and enjoy the natural breeze.

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nice houseIn particular, the wall at the kitchen is used by architects for the use of non-renewable natural bricks, which contributes to the whole house.

With this type of open space design, most of the rooms in the house look much nicer

The natural light stream enters the house through the window openings

The front of the house looks very attractive, the interior is more prominent thanks to beautiful suspension lights

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From the house, the owner can easily see the bonsai and the clear sky outside

At the top of the corridor of the house is also arranged glass doors to create ventilation for the house.

Outside the bedroom is also designed with a large balcony, suitable for night views and enjoy music.

The bathrooms are simple yet fully furnished

nice houseThe windows look out to relax the home

Drawings design the whole space of the house

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