Belarus Proposes To Invest In The Construction Of The Metro System In Hanoi

On the afternoon of October 27th, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Doan Toan had a working session with Aleksandr Ogorodnhik, Deputy Minister of Industry, the Republic of Belarus on cooperation and support construction, investment in the field of public transport and health in Hanoi.

At the meeting, Aleksandr Ogorodnhik said that Belarus has strength in the field of automobile manufacture and that there are 15 buses built by Belarusian Transport Corporation (Transerco) used by Belarus. In early December, Belarus will hand over 17 more vehicles to Transerco, bringing the total to 32.

Mr. Aleksandr Ogorodnhik believes that with the continuous improvement of manufacturing quality, the buses that are delivered to Vietnam will meet the technical requirements, bringing about positive effects.

Belarus expects that in the coming time, the city of Hanoi will support Transerco to continue bringing the Belarusian bus into operation.

With this proposal, Nguyen Doan Toan shared that Hanoi has 1,400 buses to serve the needs of people and the purchase of new vehicles by foreign partners to replace the very large before eye will replace 300 pcs. After operating 32 Belarusian vehicles, the city’s specialized agencies will evaluate the quality to decide whether to continue using the Belarusian car. If Belarus meets the requirements of technical standards, Hanoi is willing to prioritize the choice of Belarus as a long-term partner.

Belarus also expressed its wish to invest in the construction and operation of metro and tram lines in Hanoi.

In the Belarusian capital of Minsk, the metro started in 1984 with two fixed routes. At present, the city is preparing to put into use the third route and plan to build a fourth route.

Belarus proposes to invest in building the metro system in Hanoi

Bus transporting passengers at Long Bien transit point, Hanoi

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Belarus is ready to share the techniques and experience of designing and constructing metro lines for Hanoi and would like the Hanoi People’s Committee to introduce the Belarusian investors to the companies or agencies responsible for the design and installation of electric trains.

On the implementation of metro and elevated railway lines of the capital, Vice Chairman Nguyen Doan Toan said Hanoi plans to build nine metro lines, the city is implementing three routes with the investment , support from some leading countries such as Japan, France … and is promoting, calling for capital to deploy the remaining six routes.

In addition to public transport, Aleksandr Ogorodnhik also expressed that Belarus wants to strengthen cooperation with Hanoi in the health sector. Belarus is willing to share and learn from experiences with Vietnam in order to improve the quality of people’s health care, thereby promoting diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Concerned with the opinion of Mr. Aleksandr Ogorodnhik, Nguyen Doan Toan said Hanoi has the largest health system in the country and asked the two sides to strengthen cooperation in the field of health on the basis of building zones high-quality medical care, better care for the people.

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