Officetel Apartment Investment: Enjoy The Difference Of Hundreds Of Million

Officetel apartments (also known as office apartments) are being accelerated by many businesses to collect cash flow at the end of the year. On the part of investors, many people are enjoying the difference of tens to hundreds of millions of dong from buying and selling apartments for rent Officetel.

According to the survey, the current business type of officetel is happening exciting. In the city center (District 4), businesses and investors are good, high purchasing power. Many investors are willing to “down the money” to buy or resell investment buy multi-premises rental at the same time.

Buy and sell in the Officetel segment

For example, 100 officetel offices located in the heart of District 4, Ho Chi Minh City was TNR Holdings Vietnam announced in late November 2017, so far only 30 apartments have no owner.

According to the representative of this unit, with the price from VND40 million / sqm – the price is softer than other projects in the same area, officetel quite fast. In particular, many investors own a property at 4-5 times to exploit rent or resale value.

According to information from Song Dien Real Estate Investment JSC, 387 apartments under Masteri Millennium project (District 4) were opened in early October 2017, so far there are only about 60 apartments for sale at the last price of VND73 million / sqm. Compared to the type of apartment at the project, officetel come out faster. This unit said that the majority of buyers are investors to exploit.

buy and sell officetel

The sale of officetel apartments in Ho Chi Minh City is happening exciting.

In the same area, nearly 300 units of Lancaster Lincoln project priced at over VND60 million / sqm, offered in early October 2017, after two months, two-thirds of the units have been sold (currently only close 100 units). Representatives of this business said, by the end of the year, the purchasing power increased, most customers “down the money” in the area of the flexible area from 41-44sqm.

Purchasing power increased in the secondary market. Buying and selling activities took place at this stage. In particular, the difference in investor’s price is VND50-150 million / unit (within 6-10 months) after transfer to secondary investors.

Nearly 300 units of the project at Richmon City (Binh Thanh District) were sold by the owner within 2 months. So far, the units were brought back by the secondary investors and transferred from VND50-100 million / unit within 9 months.

At Novartis’ Lexington Residence and The Sun Avenue projects, the officetel sold by investors has seen a surge in purchasing power. The investors sent to the floor quickly sell people ask and buy the difference between VND100-150 million / unit.

Recognized at the project D-Vela (District 7), hands on the secondary market also took place quite exciting. According to the representative of this unit, only the source of goods from secondary investors sold. Each investor earns a difference of VND80-120 million in nearly 10 months.

Invest in Officetel apartments: high liquidity and stable profit

As noted from the fact, the potential rent officetel is an important factor determining the investment of investors. That is the reason for about 2 years, many real estate majors focus on developing strong officetel products.

buy and sell officetel

Invest in Officetel apartments have high profitability

In fact, officetel meet the needs of the majority of customers, combining work and overnight at the office should be more market appeal than other segments.

Experienced investors tend to buy the officetel at the beginning or the new opening for the soft price, then sell it or rent it to the office.

Officetel has low initial capital but promises high liquidity and stable profit. The profitability of officetel is about 8-12% per year. Compared to investment channels such as gold, securities, and banking, the profit from investment in official rental is better and better.

In addition, according to businesses, the rent of officetel fluctuates over time as demand for rent grows stronger. Selling prices of the type also increase in the future, on average 5-10% by period/phase of the project.

However, according to real estate experts, this type will compete vigorously in the next 1-2 years when the market appears more and more types of office (non-residential office) in the joint projects. In addition, competition in design, price in each project, the area will be more severe when the demand for the search of the client’s office increased.

This will cause the hurdles for investors and investors affected. They need to have their own strategies, different values to attract customers.

buy and sell officetel

competition in design, price in each project, the area will be more severe when the demand for the search of the client’s office increased.

Officetel is an acronym for “office” and “hotel”, which means “apartment”, which is both a working office and a permanent residence with full facilities. Normally, Officetel apartments are designed with the area from 30sqm to 50sqm, oriented to develop synchronously and professionally.

Compared with the cost of conventional apartments and traditional office, Officetel apartments have better prices, but still have full facilities such as entrance hall, reception, private office, telecommunication cabling system … This model ensures safety and professional security control system, security card and building management system professional. , raising the image to a new height in the eyes of customers.

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