Way New Competition Of The Investors

Not only care to design to detail and equipped with advanced facilities to attract customers, many investors also spend heavily upgraded utility after handover to satisfy residents and create prestige for your brand.

Dispute because the project degrades

In the past time, the trend of building the monumental house as well as the promise of high-end and diversified customer service seems to be familiar too. Recently, some investors are ready to build infrastructure and utilities such as swimming pool, park … so that visitors can “see with hand,” to decide to buy a house at that project. The move has made real estate business and investment quite unexpected because there is no precedent.

Mulberry Lane Project

Pool area at the Mulberry Lane project

However, the reality in the real estate market are many new projects put into operation in a short time has shown signs of deterioration, damage caused distrust and unwarrantable dispute between the owner Investors and home buyers.

Therefore, to satisfy the residents themselves and meet the increasing needs of customers, many investors also spend heavily upgraded utility for the project handed over to customers…

According to a real estate investment expert in Hanoi, the story of customer care seems to be so familiar to reputable investors, especially real estate corporations with years of experience in the International market, requires a lot of standards. Therefore, the story of continuous upgrading utility and quality of service at the project handed over sometimes becomes a competitive advantage in the more potential markets like Vietnam.

Currently, many projects when completing the procedure of handing over the house to customers are no longer focused on investing in expanding infrastructure services in the area. Therefore, the investors, customers are selective fast, learn thoroughly before making a decision to find “home to go” of his family.

Mr. Vu Van Tien – Director of a business in Hanoi shared: “With the goal of finding a permanent and stable residence, in addition to living environment and facilities for family members When looking at the projects, I am very interested in the investor information and the quality of the services after the handover, in order to avoid the unnecessary trouble and disputes that many real projects are facing.”

“That’s why I chose to stay at the Mulberry Lane project – a convenient green space located near the center of Hanoi,” Tien said. He also added that the self-contained layout of utilities that included only three generations from children to the elderly was also the reason he chose the project.

Mulberry Lane Project

The lakeside running track of the project with green hedges up to 700m

Continuously upgrade the gadget

With experience in developing leading projects in Asia, CapitaLand Real Estate Group (Singapore) is focusing on the quality of services and the improvement of local amenities that the Mulberry Lane project is working with. The development of Hoang Thanh Company is one of the most evident evidence.

In recent years, despite the handover of apartments to customers, the owner of CapitaLand – Hoang Thanh still spend tens of billions to continuously improve the utility services, making Mulberry Lane a worthy project in Western zone of Hanoi.

Specifically, over the past two years, Mulberry Lane has installed more 3D golf rooms, family karaoke rooms, added reception counter, installed upstream water filtration system to paint the whole building … which never increase a service fee.

Recently, CapitaLand – Hoang Thanh also installed water filtration system at the source for residents with a total value of nearly 10 billion, while painting all the new buildings with a total cost of over 4 billion…

Investors have also invested in the expansion of the daily commuter bus system, such as the bus system that only accommodates residents to the center of Hanoi, has now expanded to include points in the area the new center of the capital, including Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Kengnam and Big C, The Manor.

You can read more information at Vietnam Real Estate Market

Mulberry Lane Project


In addition, the owner also offers other services such as opening English classes for children from 4-6 years old with foreign teachers, teaching karate for free in summer for children of residents. , swim organizers… Other supportive activities for residents such as sponsorships for the football team, resident teams, organizing a series of events for children of residents such as the summer festival, International Children’s Day … contributed to creating The space for cultural and spiritual life is useful for residents.

“Everything we are doing at Mulberry Lane is just one of our goals,” said Mulberry Lane, owner of one of the leading residential properties in Hanoi. Lane emphasized.

The project is not only complete with utilities but also combines harmonious architecture between Singaporean style and traditional Vietnamese style. The Mulberry Lane project has a spacious view with many designed lakeside apartments by Green, eco-certified, awarded by the Singapore Ministry of Construction “BCA Green Mark”. Mulberry Lane has also been selected as a green building for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of buildings in Vietnam in the report of VTC Television in cooperation with the Department of Climate Change and Program the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Mulberry Lane is also the first building in Hanoi to receive the prestigious BCA Green Mark.

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