Success By Thinking “Know The Fire”

Sao Mai Group (ASM, headquartered in Long Xuyen City, An Giang province) is now a combination of 12 – member companies, with a chartered capital of more than 4 trillion dongs and over 7,000 personnel.

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These are the numbers of potential, strength, position of Sao Mai not easily mixed with any “star” in the economy. At the same time, these figures are the most vivid manifestation of the management capacity, operating a large corporation Chairman and CEO Le Thanh Thuan.

The cauldron for development

It may not be long, but it is enough for Sao Mai to confirm its presence and position in the fiercely competitive market, as a multidisciplinary Group, multidisciplinary economy.

It is also a business model that the CEO of the Group very much interested in because according to Le Thanh Thuan, it will create a leg lifelike to keep the Group stable and develop. Going up and quickly “sure” in the field of construction works, when building prestige and brand through large and complex works, requiring high technical level, construction company Sao Mai An Giang province (established in 1997) – precursor of Sao Mai Group – has rapidly expanded its operations to the western provinces, the South East, and the Central Highlands.

Success by thinking "know the fire"

Mr. Le Thanh Thuan – Chairman of Sao Mai Corporation responded to the press

On that basis, when expanding into the field of real estate and services, Sao Mai Group has basically shaped the “host circuit” in the building and development thinking of the Group. Then, when the foundation has firmly when the brand has reached from the South to the North, it is also at Sao Mai “moving”, with the diversification of production and business lines, including the contest. civil works, industry, transportation, irrigation; business of infrastructure, residential area, urban area, industrial zone; Investment and business service tourism; aquaculture, processing, export of aquatic products; processing fish meal and fish fat; cooking oil and nutritional oil from fish fat; seaport investment and trading; financial investment; mining…

The light-hearted

In the art of leadership, there is a good idea, that the leader is the light-hearted, inspirational person! Of course, to light the fire and inspire it, the leader must meet a multitude of objective and subjective criteria.

With CEO Le Thanh Thuan, adhere to the three principles of “living by the heart” – “creating trust” – “know sacrifice” is the basis for the leader of the “firelight” development for the whole. It is always emphasized that Sao Mai is the core of the success of collective mind and solidarity, but, undeniably, behind the growth of Sao Mai is the result of a roadmap, creating the road, led by CEO Le Thanh Thuan.

For example, “a violin soloist controls himself, but an orchestra needs a conductor,” with the construction and progressive realization of vision – the “light of direction” developed for the entire Star Group. Mai, CEO Le Thanh Thuan deserves excellent conduct.

To say that the leader is the “leader” of the mission through “religion” or the values directed to the humanist, it must be the process of managing and operating his business, CEO Le Thanh Thuan is right. direction. Ethics – business culture associated with the application of leading technology in production is becoming the pillars supporting the growth of Sao Mai Group. The introduction of the Ranee premium edible oil line, which is highly recommended by the National Diet Institute, is one of the proofs of that.

Pangasius raw material is strictly controlled by international standards as the basis for producing safe and healthy food for cooking oil. In addition, the use of modern European technology in the refining process helps to retain the natural nutrients in fish fat such as omega-3,6,9, EPA, DHA, vitamins and minerals. For the body … has helped Ranee gradually create trust with customers and are gradually occupying the market share of cooking oil.

However, the worthy of mention is Sao Mai’s participation and commitment to the farmers, as the message that the Group’s leaders have sent to domestic enterprises: to develop business and Strong, the most need is mind, do good and sow good cause!

Success by thinking "know the fire"

Leaders of Sao Mai Group took souvenir photos with leaders of An Giang province
and BIDV Kien Giang Branch

Come to think “know lighting fire” to have outstanding solutions

The land of buried poor vegetables – where the small farmer mind has not crossed the bamboo village – did not tie the young man Le Thanh Thuan within its limits. Because of this, along with his brains, intellect and ability to learn constantly he has “overcome” the limits of local locality, of the limited awareness to untie the conception, to the thought get rich right.

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Having spent 22 years studying, going through many classes, training courses, in many forms, with CEO Le Thanh Thuan, only so new managers help “big” with businesses before the business grows. It is also the secret to this CEO not stop in the role of manager but also “inspirational” development of Sao Mai Corporation!

Chairman and CEO of Sao Mai Group Le Thanh Thuan once said that creativity is not for everyone and that creativity will be successful! In the context of globalization and fierce competition, creativity and innovation are key to the survival and development of many businesses, even “unceasingly creative, they are not afraid of being destroyed. death “. CEO Le Thanh Thuan conceived, in business, creativity makes a difference. Therefore, over several decades in the market, by a different direction that he has helped businesses overcome many difficulties.

Typically, the difference is between the hottest moments of real estate, rather than investing in big centers like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City as many other “giants”, he directed to small markets such as An Giang, Ben Tre, Vung Tau … Then, the great freezing market several years have proved to count. His rightfulness when “big drop, small pick”.

The secret to success and growth, as the CEO shared this is the spirit of solidarity and know how to “live together” with the crisis. Song, more important is known “find the risk” to grab luck to rise. As Dale Carnegie puts it, “the furthest forward is who is willing to act and seize the opportunity.” That is a satisfactory answer to the question why Sao Mai Group is moving fast in the heart of the crisis. At the same time, this is also a testimony to the thinking of “Leaning” of CEO Le Thanh Thuan in the management, development strategy and business management.

To raise the profile and position of Vietnam, the prerequisite is the growth of the economy. That aspiration put on the shoulders of genuine business, the true businessmen. With the efforts and message directed towards the humanity are committed by the Group leader, Sao Mai Group is taking firm steps in its journey to become a leading economic group in Vietnam.

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