Da Nang land prices continue to fall, should investment or not?

You need to buy land in Da Nang but still worried about whether to invest or not? Despite being considered as the best selling segment on the market at present, but land projects in Da Nang are applying low prices.

It is worth mentioning that even compared with the price of land in some neighboring areas, land prices in some areas of Da Nang are much lower. Should you invest?

Cause of land where Da Nang depreciated?


land projects in Da Nang are applying low prices.

The cause of land in Da Nang “always decreases,” according to some trading floors, is due to the situation “incompatible” between the two areas of land in the interior and suburban long time. It is the lack of serious control from the management level and the project owners on the mining side. The land available is not transferable because the “original price” was high, while the new land development followed the trend of “cheap land buy right”.

Old stock stagnant

Marking the sale of land in Da Nang, but the reality? Along this highway, connecting from Tuyen Son bridge to Nguyen Huu Tho – Nguyen Tri Phuong, people still see dozens of abandoned land and weeds. The reason is because the owner “can not sell because of too much hole”. The roads in this area, from Cam Le to Da Nang Airport, are in a similar “freezing” condition.

In the past years, the land here has been transferred to high prices, so when the market is difficult, people can not accept the loss of capital to cede. Whatever the case, most of the former buyers are big businessmen, they have a lot of financial resources to handle so they do not necessarily sell. “

Therefore, if it is necessary to buy land in Da Nang at present, it is not easy.

So, investors of land projects in Danang today like?

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land in Da Nang

The suffering of landlords in Da Nang, as analyzed by the clues suggests: The market is now standing, especially the area was “hot sauce” in the period 2008 – 2011 So, whether plots of land are purchased for grassland, or simply for rent as “pots for pots”, owners of plots of land, mainly large ones, Receive, wait for this phase of the pole to the market real estate (real estate) to recover.

The consequence is that the real estate market in Da Nang is almost lively with the amount of land outside the city, concentrating on Lien Chieu and Ngu Hanh Son districts. Part of Cam Le and Thanh Khe districts also have certain fluctuations in land use, but not too optimistic.

The project land of Da Nang 2018 will be more positive

Many real estate assessment experts in Da Nang in 2018 continue to make positive progress, especially in the land segment Da Nang will attract more investment poured in, especially in the Northwest.

As noted by experts on total land transactions are increasing rapidly thanks to the effect from the APEC summit meeting the “push” through investment in modern infrastructure and synchronized. Along with that is the plan to build super-large projects of Da Nang city.

Status of land based on Da Nang experts

About the prospect of Danang real estate, especially in the land segment of Da Nang, former general director of CBRE Vietnam, Marc Townsend shared his personal viewpoint: The general psychology of people when buying real estate Their preference is still for land and townhouses according to their traditional customs. Therefore, in the near future, the potential for development of Da Nang land is still great.

At the same time, thanks to the successful APEC Summit. Da Nang’s infrastructure and transportation infrastructure have changed drastically, thus making the appearance of Danang increasingly beautiful. This will stimulate the real estate market growth in 2018.

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APEC Summit

Looking at some other investors, the Danang land plot is still popular and will explode in 2018. Because current supply in the market has gradually become scarce, Meanwhile, buying power has not shown signs of cooling down. Particularly, after APEC, the number of land transactions in Da Nang has increased significantly push the price of land increased. However, there are signs of slowing down in Tet holidays. Because many investors are psychologically hesitant and wait after Tet holiday next.

Should you purchase land in Da Nang?

At present, big land funds of Da Nang city are almost absorbed by big investors, while the remaining ones are hunted for high prices. But if you compare prices in Da Nang with big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the price is still low and profitability is still much better. And this is a positive and encouraging sign for investors who are looking to further exploit the potential of land in Da Nang in 2018.


land in Da Nang


However, https://realestatevietnam.com.vn/ recommends readers to ensure and improve their profitability should invest in land projects Danang land is beautiful, legal clarity, transparency and investor Reliable to enhance the liquidity of the most professional projects.

Especially for large investors can invest in larger projects in potential areas such as satellite cities such as Ngu Hanh Son, Lien Chieu and Son Tra. Because these areas are in the development orientation of Da Nang city, the potential is not small. Also, in the future, as the infrastructure, utilities and transportation network are completed here, the price will rise much higher than not at the present.


These are general assessments of land potential in Da Nang in 2018 along with suggestions for investment in potential areas. realestatevietnam.com.vn hope you can express yourself as a wise investor by choosing the right investment project in the right place at the right time and choosing a reputable investor to give the trust when need buy land in Da Nang.

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