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Choosing The Interior Harmony To Bring  Fortune In Your House

Select interior harmony yin yang to fortune home

Feng shui is very important because it affects the destiny, fortune of the owner. How to choose the interior of the family to yin and yang harmony, the five elements?

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When we set foot in some living space, sometimes we have thoughts “this house is bright”, “this house is too cold”, “this house is dark” … These comments come from the weak Yin and Yang in Feng Shui housing but not everyone knows.

Yin and yang factor in feng shui housing

According to the feng shui concept, the yin-yang is the two factors of birth of all things, though opposites are inseparable from each other. The concept of yin-yang is also extremely simple, for example, the sun is bright, the yin is hot, the yin is cold, the yin is the night the yin …

Select interior harmony yin yang to fortune home
With many families, feng shui elements are very important in home building, decoration, furniture arrangement

For the choice of home furniture, home furniture design, house architecture by Feng Shui is simpler, they only notice the two elements are color and light. But they are simply when you have some basic knowledge concerning choosing Feng Shui home furnishings.

Choosing interior harmony

Choosing family furniture with many people not only focus on their aesthetics, but also harmony yin and yang in feng shui to bring home fortune and do not make the destiny in the direction of worsening.

Therefore, the perfect home interior design with them is at the same time ensure this factor. Buy beautiful house but the layout, interior options affect the financial is just a cup of coffee.

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Select interior harmony yin yang to fortune home
Choosing interior harmony yin and yang will help the flow of air fortune circulation well

According to the feng shui concept of housing:

– The soft, light, winding objects will be more negative and vice versa, the angular or straight objects are positive. However, it should be noted that with round objects, although many curves are positive but not negative.

– Household objects with soft surfaces, hard balls, positive balls, non-luminescent objects are negative.

For example, floor made of granite is positive, the polished wooden floor is positive … help flow of air flow fast. Particular objects of clay, ceramic, porcelain, they will be positive or negative depending on whether the object is illuminated.

Select interior harmony yin yang to fortune home
Floors of hard granite, smooth ball is more positive

– The color of cold as blue is very negative so when the design of beautiful home interior will be suitable for relaxing space, relax in the bedroom. Warm colors like gold, red, orange … are negative for space creativity, fun.

– The arrangement of family furniture together when in the same space is equally important. If you choose the right colors, shapes, materials but between the negative and the positive, there is no harmony, also impede the circulation, transportation of super-power power in the home itself.

You see, where just buy a nice house or have beautiful interior design is peace of mind with your living space. Everything must be in harmony with each other, from exterior architecture to furniture with the layout, layout beautiful but must follow the feng shui. And the note about yin and yang harmony in feng shui is also one of the important factors for the health and well-being of homeowners.

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