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Do Not Forget To Decorate The Toilet Also Need To Follow Feng Shui

Toilet placement

If you are interested in feng shui housing, sure the owner cannot ignore the layout of the toilet in the sand.

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A toilet is a separate area or an auxiliary building that any house must have. At present, when the living conditions are more and more advanced, besides the convenience, people are interested in the feng shui element of this sub building when they want to buy a nice house or build a new house.

Placement of toilet seat

The toilet is a lot of gas because it is used to excrete waste. Therefore, if not carefully arranged, this gas can affect the health of the whole family.

According to the principle of “coordinated sand direction”, the toilet should be placed in the bad to look good. Accordingly, when building toilets, some of the following should be avoided:

– Center of the house: Based on feng shui housing, the toilet in Thuy, while the central location of the house is on the turmoil if located in the center of the turquoise water, very bad for health and the owner’s money.

Not only that, the center is considered the most beautiful location, the air flow most easily. When you put the toilet in here, all the air from the toilet will easily spread to all other spaces, affecting the living space of the house.

Under the stairs: The toilet should be located in the open but not open. With the crowded situation like today, many people often take the stairs to the toilet but it will cause a vicious unclean indoor air, house possessed no odors escape.

Toilet placement
Do not place the toilet under the stairs

– End of the corridor: The toilet at the end of the corridor in feng shui is great, causing illness for the elderly and young children in the house.

– Put the toilet at the gate, at the door or opposite the main door: First of all, it is a violation of the aesthetic because it has opened the door to the toilet, although many condominiums now apply. This is to save space. Plus, put the toilet in positions on the men in the house are often tired, or diseases of the bladder, women are or dysmenorrhea, even uterine bleeding, premature birth is dangerous.

Therefore, when buying a nice house, homeowners should avoid the grounds arranged like this.

– Set in the bedroom: Decorating the toilet in Feng Shui should be avoided in the bedroom although it brings convenience. Explain this, the feng shui house that the bedroom is a getaway, need clean, dry and quiet. If the toilet is located in the bedroom, people in the room also suffer from the bladder.

Toilet placement
Placing the toilet in the bedroom is not good for health

– Place near or opposite the kitchen: Kitchen is a place to cook, while the toilet is where the waste containers, place them close together will cause bacteria from toilet fly out, referring to foods cause Great health. In addition, the kitchen under fire will generate conflicts onion when placed next to Water.

– A toilet in the living room or bedroom: If the house has many floors, the toilet should be aligned to facilitate the technical design and drainage. The toilet is located right in the living room and the bedroom is an office, creating a humid environment, affecting the quality of the work and the house vulnerable to endocrine disease.

Toilet layout

Do not place the toilet in the following directions:

– Southeast and Southwest: Toward Southeast and Southwest are the good directions, a haven of fortune, a disaster on the coast, which, according to feng shui the house, the toilet should be placed in the worse look toward good should Put here is false feng shui. When the person in the bath or wash water, all the life of love, money will be washed away.

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Toilet placement
Money, love swept away if the toilet in the southeast and southwest

– North and Northeast: The Northeast is considered the latter, while the north is the career direction. If the toilet is located here, young men and women in the home are more likely to have the blood disease, gastrointestinal disease, excretion.

Therefore, according to Bat Trach, it is better to have a toilet in the North West.

Decorate the toilet

– In case of pooling the bathroom with the toilet: Do not place the toilet near the sink as this will cause the bacteria to attack the body, which is very bad. To overcome, can use blinds or curtains to separate the two areas together.

Toilet placement
Separate bathrooms and toilets

– Layout: The toilet may be located in the corner but there must be ventilation and light to avoid humidity.

– Decorate the toilet: toilet with high humidity, small space should only arrange small or medium trees such as tiger, orchid, orchid to balance to Yin Yang.

In addition, the owner should also note that absolutely not renovate the old toilet into the bedroom, living room or kitchen, this is particularly great in feng shui housing because it will cause great pain.

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