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Garden Design On The Terrace As Beautiful As Dream

Garden design on the terrace

Unique home design with lush green gardens on the terrace is becoming a trend when land funds are getting narrower and density of population is increasing.

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The gardens filled with trees on the terrace have long been no longer a strange image in the world, but recently more popular in Vietnam. With the excellent facilities it offers, the garden on the terrace has quickly become a popular design trend.

Advantages of garden design on the terrace

If you have read this and you still wonder why the garden on the terrace is so hot this is the answer for you:

– There is no need for arable land: A small garden is the desire of most families, but because of limited land resources, this simple thought becomes a very difficult problem. All will be solved thanks to the technique of planting trees on the terrace.

– Bring unique beauty and novelty: Today, the house is no longer a stop at the shelter of the sun, it has become a place to express the aesthetic and personal characteristics of the owner. Therefore, the design criteria of beautiful houses – strange – more and more people are interested. Imagine that your house is covered with lots of green trees on the terrace, who will surely look up and admire.

Garden design on the terrace
Unique house design with rooftop garden

– As a way of natural cooling is extremely perfect: Whatever the style of building, the roof is inevitable hot, especially in the summer. And how to solve this problem is to plant trees on the terrace. They will be like a layer protecting the house from the harsh sunlight of the sun, as well as act as an air conditioner from nature extremely handy.

– Create a relaxing space: In this garden, you can completely arrange the seat to turn it into a relaxing space or reading room is filled with blue. It can also be a fun place for children and help them learn many useful things from life.

– Provide clean food for the whole family: If you are worried about pesticides and preservatives, why not grow them yourself in the garden on the terrace of your family? Here, the owner not only grows enough vegetables but also can care for the fruit trees for years.

Garden design on the terrace
Close to a vegetable garden is designed on the terrace

Today, the design of small terraced houses is becoming a great solution for townhouses, contributing to air conditioning and minimizing environmental pollution in urban space.

Note when designing the garden on the terrace

However, to have a green garden right on the terrace is not a simple matter. Before starting, make sure to note the following:

– Waterproofing garden terrace is a very necessary work: Whether planting trees in pots or poured soil directly to the roof, your roof must also be fully waterproof. If not, only after a short time, water from the soil will soak up the ceiling and quickly destroy the building. Waterproofing can be planned right from the house construction or additional implementation when the intention is to design a garden terrace.

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– Pay attention to the water system: They will help you not have to struggle to pick up each basin from the bottom up. Wherever possible, it is advisable to design an automatic watering system to save energy and ensure that the plant is always well developed.

Garden design on the terrace
Design house with automatic watering system

– There are shelter systems for trees: terraces on the high, the sun shines very harshly. Plants can wither, with newly planted trees can die. Then, a screening system will help the plant “easier”.

– Choosing the Right Plants: The environment on the terrace is not the same as the ground, so trees are more difficult to grow and grow. When it comes to planting, it is best to choose easy-to-live plants (such as some common vegetables).

With the current situation, planting trees on the terrace will remain the trend of home design is loved and promised more creative ideas in the coming time.

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