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Guide To Check Your New House Simply

Start evaluating your apartment/house from the moment you arrive. Any house is perfect, however, if you are aware of the need for renovations, you will easily negotiate a better price.

Vietnam real estate experts outline some of the key points you should keep in mind when evaluating and checking out new homes during the tour:

Is the entrance easy to move? Peak traffic?

You will not want to go home with a bad mood and your family’s rest just the whistle, the engine sounds.

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Is the home interior curved, faded?

Thoroughly inspect the south where the sun is most exposed, and the north is the dampest.

Is the house well lit?

Check out the house during the day to see if there is enough sunlight, what is the direction of the house, and whether it gets too much sunshine in the late afternoon.

Guide to check your new house simplely
The house is full of light

Does the bathroom have moldy, rotting?

Carefully check the ceiling shower area, the bath area, water pipes, faucets and electrical appliances

Does the house leak?

If necessary, you should spray water on the roof to check leaks.

Is the storage room, storage room sufficient for the family?

Make sure the storehouse is large enough to hold many household items. Or if you can, see if the repository is likely to be renovated and extended further.

Is the house sound good?

Turn off the music to see if you can hear the noise from the outside, the sound of the car or if this is the area where the airplane goes through. If you have to share the bedroom, living room, living room and kitchen, make sure they are thick enough and soundproof.

Guide to check your new house simplelyIs the floor, stairs causing noise?

Is moving in the house easy to make noise by the material and floor/stairs condition? They can be used or replaced.

Do not pay too much attention to electrical appliances, curtains

Electrical appliances are easy to replace, but check the electrical design in the home, whether the cracks are electrically induced, or not. Curtains are also easy to replace, so you should focus on their structure more.

Check the taxes, the cost of the house

If the house has a management fee in m2, the management unit is out how much. The homeowner is limited to how much traffic he or she has to pay, how much the monthly rate must be paid sanitation costs, intangible fees if any.

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Check out who the neighbors are around?

Maybe the landlord will not be really honest about your future neighbors if they have a problem, but you should still ask and try to figure out if they are hiding any information.

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