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Guiding To Choose The Interior Of A One Bedroom Apartment

Choose the furniture for your one-bedroom apartment

For apartments with 2-3 bedrooms, the choice and layout of the furniture are quite easy. However, this is not easy with the modest one-bedroom units in terms of area. By applying the interior selection principles that Rever mentioned below, your one-bedroom apartment will become more rewarding.

Rule 1: Prioritize the choice of compact interior and simple design

When choosing the interior of a one bedroom apartment, it is best to choose furniture that is compact and fits into the structure of the apartment space. For example, instead of choosing a large sofa set for the living room, you choose the smaller size sofa pair and choose a small tea table or coffee table can move gently … So your living room space will look neat and airy.

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Besides, when choosing interior you should also pay attention to their design. Interior design products with many details cumbersome completely not suitable for small space because it will make your room becomes more tangled.

Interior one bedroom apartment
The compact sofa set will help the living room look more airy

Rule 2: Choosing  bright interior

With small apartment buildings, the interior color factor plays a very important role, it will help create openness and expand the space. With small apartments, you should choose the interior of bright colors like honey, white, light cream or turquoise … Household appliances or household items should also choose bright colors and luxurious, contributing to making the apartment become modern and eye-catching.

However, there is a very important note when choosing furniture that should not mix too many colors in a space, which will make the house becomes more confusing and crowded.

Rule 3: Small house, do not use too much furniture in the house

When decorating the interior for small space, a note you need to know is that it must be simple and limited in the number of interiors in the home. It is not wise to cram too many things into small space, which will make the small area of the house even more cramped.

The minimalist Japanese living space is one of the perfect examples of the limited but intelligent interior usage that guarantees every function and aesthetic element needed.

Rule 4: Using  multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional interiors will be an excellent choice for modest one-bedroom units. Today, there are many interior features integrated functions help you save maximum area while still in daily living.

Interior one bedroom apartment
Multifunctional furniture such as this bed would be the ideal choice for a one bedroom apartment

With a small apartment, you can choose beds with multiple drawers to satisfy the storage space to make the house neat and tidy. Or a living room sofa that combines the functions of a smart bed … are great suggestions for small homes.

Rule 5: Limit spatial divisions

For small homes, having too many walls dividing the indoor area will make the area become stuffy and narrow. If you want to separate each area, we can use bookshelves, cabinets or some devices in the house to both be able to use and can separate without losing too much area.

In addition, choose the cabinet, the wall shelves to reduce the area that can still be used easily and display scientifically. Or a glass partition or luxury curtains will make your home so beautiful and impressive but not too crowded.

Above, Rever listed five principles of choosing the interior of a one-bedroom apartment. If you apply all five of these principles, your apartment will definitely become airy and wider.

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Guiding To Choose The Interior Of A One Bedroom Apartment

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