Guiding To Choose Wood Floor For Apartment For The Purpose Of Use

With a high usage time (average 50 years), the colors are diverse, moisture proof, anti-war, scratch resistant and abrasion resistant in the apartment.

In this article, Rever will guide you how to choose the type of flooring suitable for each space of the apartment and use purpose:

Choosing wooden floor for living room, common living room

The living room of the family is the owner’s face, so everyone is very interested in interior design in this room. Choosing laminate flooring for living rooms is also popular because it exudes elegance and helps people feel closer to nature. Typically, wooden flooring in the living room or common room is often combined with winter mats and sofas.

First, you need to choose the right type of wood flooring for your living room. According to Rever find out there are two types of wood floor to choose from:

Natural wood flooring: Natural wood flooring has the advantage of durable color and quality when used for a long time. However, the disadvantage of natural wood flooring is the tendency to warp and shrink. The price of natural wood flooring is also higher than that of industrial wood flooring (VND 70,000 / sqm).

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Industrial laminate flooring: The advantage of this floor is that there are many models of choice, fast installation and quality of wood flooring with good water resistance, fire resistance, and good scratch resistance, it is not easy to warp and shrink.

How to choose wood floor for apartment

For living rooms with small space, it is recommended to install laminate flooring

The next thing you should do is to choose the color of wood floor suitable for the living room of your home. Normally, you should choose the type of wood floor color contrast with the wall to highlight the furniture in the guest room more.

The size of the laminate floor is also important for living room space. For living rooms with small space, large wooden flooring should be installed, which makes the space of the room more spacious. The large living room can be used for boards of any size.

Choose wood floor for your office

This is where the average usage density is, so you can choose different types of laminate flooring from 8 to 12 mm. However, the degree of physical abrasion of the workroom is often quite frequent due to the impact of Heavy furniture in the office such as the cabinet, desk, machinery … so when choosing wood floor you need to pay attention to the products subject to high abrasion. Water resistance may be unimportant, as the office space is usually air-conditioned, creating a constant drying surface.

Choose wood flooring for dining room and kitchen

This is the space where more people move back and forth than any other space in the house. Therefore, wooden floors should be safe, not too slippery but not too rough because food and drinks, if poured on the floor, will be harder to clean than slippery floors. In terms of colors, neutral colors, deep brown and dark are more preferred than dark black and light colors.

You should pay attention to cleaning all the dirt on the wood floor as soon as they appear, and you should use the maintenance package periodically about 12 months so that your floor is checked, clean properly.

With kitchen area should choose wood flooring first and then install kitchen cabinets back, so the aesthetic will be very beautiful. It is possible to install kitchen cabinets before the flooring, but when the floor tiles will have to brace the end of the kitchen cabinets around the aesthetics will be worse, on the other side of the wood edge with kitchen cabinet legs which will have small openings water down to cause moldy. It will not be good for the wood floor on a long day.

Choosing wood flooring for bedroom

How to choose wood floor for apartment

Wooden flooring for the bedroom should be selected in the same color as the furniture in the room

This is the most suitable space to use wood flooring, as it is characterized by the space to rest and work alone. In it, only a small note is that you put furniture in the room. The bedroom space needs a lot of furniture and if you do not pay attention, the sharp edges of the base can scratch the floor. Make sure that the floor is well protected and that the pins are protected from metal.

Choosing  wooden floor for bathroom

The continuous wetness of the bathroom is unsuitable for the use of wood flooring, but you may want to consider using a good waterproof laminate for your guest bathroom, which has lesser use frequency. Note that you need to clean frequently, do not put the water on the floor too long.

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