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How Do Japanese People Design Their Houses?

How do Japanese people design their houses

The house is not only where we are raised, but also the place where peace and comfort are best for each one of us. Therefore, making the house become beautiful and worth living is a matter of concern for many people. Among them, the design of the house is the most attention.

Unlike Vietnamese people, Japanese often have unfashionable criteria in housing design. However, they are very creative and know how to help the house become airy and bring the most comfortable feeling when entering the house. Here are five criteria that Japanese people apply when designing a house, from these criteria you can apply for your home.

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The Japanese are very creative in the design of houses. Photo: Internet

Taking the wood material as the mainstream

According to the Japanese concept, wood is considered a material that brings joy and warmth to the owner. In it, the tone of the wood creates a sense of comfort like being in harmony with nature. In Japan, the traditional architecture always uses wood as the main, which is the reason for home space become closer, more friendly.

How do Japanese people design their houses
Wood material is very popular in Japan

Using simple, delicate utensils

Most Japanese focus on the smallest designs of the house. Simplicity in the overall design of the house is not enough, they are very caring in every detail because they think that “Simple will bring comfort, but simply does not mean monotonous”.

An example of the simplicity of the Japanese is to keep the kitchen neat and tidy, they will minimize the number of kitchens just enough. But not so that the Japanese dishes tedious, boring. In contrast, Japanese ceramics are world famous with exquisite designs.

How do Japanese people design their houses
Simple yet subtle objects commonly found in Japan. Photo: Internet

Bringing the green nature into the house

Besides decorative effects, trees also have the ability to help filter the air very well, and they also help remove toxic substances. Talking about the impact on human health, trees are helpful in relieving stress and pressure.

How do Japanese people design their houses
The living space is always green.

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The brown color of land is dominant

Japanese simplicity comes from color too. In their living space, the Japanese do not use colorful colors. From traditional houses to modern apartments, villas are mainly used for main colors of white and earth tones with different shades of brown, yellow and light. Thanks to that, when returning home, the members will always have a sense of peace, serenity.

How do Japanese people design their houses
Get rid of unnecessary items immediately

Removing unneeded items

Japanese tend to prefer not to store unnecessary and redundant belongings indoors. This is the reason for their home space is always in a state of orderliness, clean and airy. Taking away unnecessary belongings is a way to increase the area used in the home. Learning Japanese to get rid of items that are less used throughout the house will create the magic of your home. When you put everything neatly in place, you will feel your place is cooler, more comfortable.

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