Increase The Area Of The Small Apartment By 9 Simple Tips

A small apartment only about 20 – 30m2 with space is quite cramped and  boring. Please refer to the 9 simple tips to “transform” your apartment.

Tip # 1: Use light colored walls

The room of less than 20m2 using white tones became much larger than the real area. In particular, white walls combined with white or gray furniture make the apartment not only increase the area but also become very modern and elegant.

White wall makes apartment

White wall makes the small apartment look larger

Tip # 2: Airy spaces in your home

With a narrow area, you need not divide the apartment into separate rooms.
Kitchen space and living room are fully open. Homeowners use carpeted flooring to become flexible demarcation lines. The area of the dining table is cleverly arranged next to the side balcony, it helps the house fresh air and  jibe with Feng Shui of the Asians.

Tip # 3: Use a flexible partition

Instead of hard-walled concrete walls offering a narrow, stylish wooden partition with plenty of open space, it’s easy to disassemble and move and bring you the privacy .

Tip # 4: Large windows make the most of the light

Large windows in the apartment

Large windows in the room make the indoor space more airy and spacious

The large windows not only help the room fill with natural light, but also provide a wide view of the room.

Tip # 5: The curtains close to the ceiling to fool the sight

The curtains not only serve as decoration, but also make the room wider when designed close to the ceiling or larger than the actual size of the window. People will imagine that there is a large space behind the curtain.

Tip # 6: Use smart furniture

Intelligent partition in the apartment can move flexibly to create a large space in the kitchen, or pulled out into bed or desk.

Tip # 7: Use  the balcony to make the garden

garden apartment

Make your small apartment balcony look greener with beautiful little pots

The self-irrigating technology with the convenient hanging bracket system makes it easy to turn the modest balcony into a lush garden. A green wall at the door opens a large forest waiting for you.

Tip # 8: Multi-purpose bathroom

In an apartment of less than 45 sqm, it is difficult to arrange 2 bathrooms. Therefore, a separate bathroom with glass wall functions will ensure that every member of the family can use at the same time.

Tip # 9: Minimize the interior

Make it as simple as possible in your modest bedroom. A nice bed, table lamp and wardrobe doors show elegant and modern yet full of power.

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