Kenton Node Apartment And District Values

Each real estate project carries its own missions and unique values to create internal attraction.

Projects that do not have these characteristics are not nearly as popular with many customers. So with the Kenton Node Apartment in Nha Be, where do the differences come from?

The different values come from the Kenton Node Apartment:

Certainly, the geographic location where the real estate project is located is always a matter of concern when assessing a building. Because location can determine the selling price of real estate products, and help buyers easily analyze traffic, trade and special. It is possible to predict the growth of real estate in this area over time.

With Kenton Node Apartment Nha Be, a prime location on the river bank on Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Phuoc Kien Ward, Nha Be District, HCMC is really worth the price. Although the project area of Nha Be district, in fact borders with District 7, adjacent to Phu My Hung and Him Lam urban areas are highly appreciated geographically.

You can easily visualize the location of Kenton Node Apartment Nha Be with four directions as follows:

– The project is adjacent to Nguyen Huu Tho (in Phu My Hung) in the East. This is a big, crowded and expensive road at this time.

– To the west and north, the project is adjacent to the existing canal (intersection with Binh Chanh area) and Rach Dia River (towards the center of District 7 and Saigon).

– In the South, Kenton Node apartment is adjacent to the 25 m wide riverside road (This is a commercial area, vibrant serviced apartments, heading to the center of Nha Be).

With such terrain, it can be seen that almost three sides of the project are bordering the cool river and the rest is adjacent to the main road at the intersection with Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, which is extremely convenient for traffic. There are very few projects near the center of District 1, located in the center of District 7 and Nha Be district, enjoying all the benefits from the same. This is an attractive property only Kenton Node apartment has.

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Apartment Kenton Node Nha Be and charm from the planning of infrastructure design class:

Regarding the planning and design of infrastructure, Apartment Kenton Node Nha Be also shows the superior level. Compared with a number of projects being implemented simultaneously in Ho Chi Minh City, not many projects can be matched.

Kenton Node Hotel Complex

Location of Kenton Node Hotel Complex apartment complex

In particular, the apartments in the project are designed to be completely separate based on type. It means the two bedrooms apartment will be planned in a separate building, three bedrooms apartment too … and other products also have a corresponding design. The apartments are all designed in open space that maximizes light and the wind, helping the inside person to enjoy the fresh environment from the outside of the project.

Each floor will have only 4 apartments but there are 3 operating elevators, the distance between the apartment and the elevator from 2m to 7m, ensure the convenience but still absolute safety standard construction Chau Europe.

Another special feature is that at Kenton Node Apartment Nha Be, the parking lot is designed very well, wide open to accommodate up to 5000 vehicles. Thus, the concern about the city carriage of most of the buildings is not a problem with the project deployed this time.

Besides the great advantages of infrastructure, Kenton Node Apartment Nha Be is also mentioned with many different value-added services with 5-star standard. It is possible to mention the center of food, entertainment for children with music center super water for children to play fun; At Kenton Node Apartment Nha Be is also equipped with the largest and most modern cinemas in the area; 2.5 hectares of overflowing pool; 5 hectares of attractive hanging theater is expected to be the venue for impressive artistic events…

Moreover, the well-designed walking streets of the project also provide a very enjoyable experience for residents of Kenton Node Apartment. You do not have to go to the center of District 1 to walk on Nguyen Hue Walking Street but within the project campus, you can also experience this feeling with the romantic riverside streets in the busy square…

With the Kenton Node Apartment Nha Be, there are so many great values that the owner can boast!

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