Luxury And Comfortable Aqua 1 Vinhomes Golden River

Vinhomes Golden River is one of the latest projects of the VinGroup real estate group following the success of Vinhomes Central Park.

It is affirming its brand in designing and building luxurious real estate complexes in Vietnam. Vinhomes Golden River project is now attracting the attention of investors and customers as well as promising to bring luxurious life with many attractive features along with more special style compared to previous projects.

The project also contributes to the appearance of Saigon with high-end apartments in the Vinhomes style, brings modern luxury colors as well as continues to affirm the brand name of Vingroup in real estate investment.

It is divided into three subdivisions: The Front, Luxury and The Aqua along with a European-style luxury villa. The Aqua subdivision is a waterfront subdivision for those who love nature. This subdivision is located right next to the Saigon River and inherited the cool space here.

 Vinhomes Golden River

Overview of the project Aqua Vinhomes Golden River

The Vinhomes Golden project is located on the banks of the Saigon River and Thi Nghe Canal. Therefore, this is the most beautiful part of the project.

Information about Aqua 1 apartment:

– Height: 50 floors

– Number of units /floor: 16

– 12 lifts & 2 stairs

– 3 basements

– Includes OFT apartments and 1 to 4-bedroom apartments.

– Along with many high-level utilities.

The apartment is inherited all the outstanding advantages of the Vinhomes Golden River project, along with the beautiful space right at the intersection of Saigon River and Thi Nghe Canal. When living here, in addition to cool air, residents also have comfortable moments like the resort.

The traffic system of Vinhomes Golden River can be considered to be convenient, the frontage is Ton Duc Thang and Nguyen Huu Canh. With such a beautiful location, you will have easy access to many of the top-class facilities in the heart of the city and famous historical areas. With easy access to the transportation system, you will not have much time to travel to different parts of the city.

Residents will also have quick access to the Metro station, the metro subway will have one station here, which will be the world’s most modern and safe transportation.

 Vinhomes Golden River

Luxury design of the Aqua Court 1 Vihomes Golden River

Affordable with the nice location, Aqua 1 Vinhomes Golden River apartment owns the classy facilities that only Vinhomes projects have. There may be classy 5-star value such as:

– The school system

– Hospital system

– Restaurants, shopping centers, boutiques, swimming pools, lounge, gym, cinema.

– 24 hours support services, security 100%

At Vinhomes Golden River, residents will receive first-class services for a fulfilling life.

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Consulted by world-class architects as well as well-known and prestigious corporations, the project brings luxury architecture along with a comfortable and stylish interior system after completion.

Interior system of the apartment is imported from Germany in accordance with modern architecture and brings convenience to the lives of residents. The apartments at The Aqua 1 have different areas depending on the number of bedrooms.

The design of the science apartment is suitable for the needs of humanity in modern life, from living room, bedroom, kitchen with comfortable and reasonable, easy to use and enjoy life. Along with the modern equipment, you can easily control everything in your apartment. That is the class apartment style of Vinhomes.

Price and purchase of apartments at The Aqua 1 Vinhomes Golden River

 Vinhomes Golden River

Ground plan and court location Aqua 1 Vinhomes Golden River

– From $ 4000-5000 per square meter to own an apartment at The Aqua 1, residents have access to a range of modern amenities. For more details and the best advice on the project and apartment, please contact us right now.

– Apartment with 1 bedroom: $174,000

– Apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms: $305,000

– Apartment with 4 bedrooms: $522,000

You want to have the best living space and access to many facilities, please order apartments here. Owning The Aqua 1 Vinhomes Golden River apartment helps you to assert your own success, to show your worth to the people and to reach the values of class.

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