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Many People Like Apartment With 35sqm In Width

Although the area is modest but the design and layout of this apartment make everyone feel satisfied.

Although the area is not large, only 35sqm, but this small apartment is extremely scientific design with many windows make full use of light source and natural cool air flow. In addition, the layout of the apartment is quite simple, but very flexible and convenient.

nice houseThe apartment has an area of 35sqm, distributed into two different areas. One of them is a living room and a bedroom, and the other is a kitchen and toilet area.

nice houseThe apartment is white as the main color, exquisite and luxurious while helping to make the house look brighter

nice houseThe bedroom and living room are arranged side by side, separated only by a transparent glass wall

nice houseAlthough small area but everywhere in the apartment are arranged bonsai, creating natural beauty

nice houseThe bedroom is designed with windows and natural sunshine

Bedrooms are decorated with artwork and tableware

The highlight of this apartment is that it is designed with a lot of windows

nice houseUnique brick walls in the kitchen help create a sense of warmth and simplicity

nice houseThe kitchen area also attracted the attention of the ceiling lights are extremely strange

It is possible to see all items in the kitchen are neatly organized and orderly

The bathroom area is small but very neat and tidy

The design of the entire space of the apartment

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