Seven Tips Help Higher Ceilings

Although not the main detail we often notice when entering the room for the first time, the ceiling is an important factor affecting the perception of each person’s space. If your room has low ceilings, you will definitely feel rested, cramped and sometimes uncomfortable. So how to make the ceiling look taller, apply the 7 tips below.

Using the flashlight

Many architects in the country and in the world often use ceiling lights to overcome the low ceiling disadvantages. The ingenious use of ceiling-style decorative lights creates a warm atmosphere that spreads throughout the room.

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Seven tips help higher ceilings

Using the projector lamp will increase the width of your home. Photo: Internet

Using clever interior

If your ceiling is low, you should not choose too cushy sofas or too high furniture in your room. Instead, you should choose low-height furniture, which will increase the space between the ceiling and the floor, making the room much wider.

Seven tips help higher ceilings

For a low ceiling, you should choose a high level of furniture.

Selecting  glass to replace other fixed materials

Glasses can help reflect things around, thus making your room feel wider. In addition, using the glass in the room also take advantage of the light from nature, making the space in the room clear and look much taller.

Seven tips help higher ceilings

Choosing glass instead of a thick wall.

Decorating the wall with plaid motifs

Plaid motifs will help increase the height of the wall while making the taller room larger. This is the best solution to help the higher ceiling that many designers or designers apply. However, you have to subtly combine the colors of the striped lines otherwise the house will look very ugly.

Seven tips help higher ceilings

Wanting to have a higher ceiling, there is no reason why you would not choose a plaid pattern.

Hang the picture in the vertical direction

Similar to stripes, when you hang pictures or pictures straight down, it makes your home look taller, so the space between the ceiling and the floor will be wider.

Seven tips help higher ceilings

A picture frame is also a good idea.

Painting your ceiling is lighter than the wall

The bright light ceiling creates an illusion of spacious and bright spaces. Incorporate more results when using dark colors on the floor. In addition, you can also paint the ball for the ceiling. This may seem strange, but it is used by many architects. However, when applied to paint the ceiling, the ceiling requirement must be a complete plane to avoid using it on the ceiling level. A shade of mirrors will make the room wider and taller.

Seven tips help higher ceilings

Space is much larger when using light colored ceiling paint.

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Limit use of pendant lights

Pendant lamps are usually designed primarily for high-ceilinged homes, designed in such a way that the roof looks closer to the floor. But with a low ceiling, you can use simple light bulbs, though they will not be as attractive as new pendant lights.

Seven tips help higher ceilings

Do not use pendant lights when your ceiling is too low. Photo: Internet

Besides 7 simple tips on the most important thing, you should care is always to keep the room in a clean, tidy state. A messy room will definitely reduce the height of the room. In addition, you need to immediately remove the cumbersome furniture unnecessary, the fewer items, the house area is increased.

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