Simple Design Ideas For Townhouses Style

Not asking for too much space and investment costs, let Vietnam Real Estate refer to the design of the beautiful house is currently the most popular.

If you stroll around Hanoi, you will see the two-story townhouses stretching from the big streets into the alleyways, and this is the common situation of many other cities. This comes from the condition of the land fund and the cost of construction in the urban environment. However, with the advancement in design, tubular houses today are no longer an unsubstantiated choice when homeowners can not build another type of home. Let’s take a look at the beautiful house below, you will see how correct this is.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

The space of living room is like a dream in the townhouse

Beautiful house design ideas

This house is built on land with 6m wide and 18m deep. Compared to the general conditions in some big cities, the area of this two-story house is quite spacious. This has created certain advantages in the design process. Therefore, the architect decided to build a modern two-story townhouse.

The lower floor consists of a living room, a kitchen and a parent bedroom. Also because the depth of the land is quite large so the architect arranged the front yard next to the yard to the yard with a small yard. Here, homeowners can plant bonsai, fish tank or a clean vegetable garden for the whole family.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Floor plan drawing

On the second floor of the beautiful house are the space of the common room, 3 bedrooms, a study room and a church. It is worth mentioning that all of these bedrooms have an inside toilet, which is very convenient for use.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Floor plan drawing

The first image of a two-story townhouse in modern style

Based on the idea of design, the architect built the first image of a two-story townhouse on a 3D drawing. It can be said that this house more emphasis on utility for the people rather than focus on building impressive frontage.

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Simple design that style for the townhouse

The whole picture of the house taken from the façade

You can see when looking at the house, the house is designed quite simply with the square lines typical of modern townhouses. Although there are also some combinations of colors like white, orange, blue and gray overall the overall is not too eye-catching.

However, if you step inside, you will definitely have a different view of this beautiful townhouse. The house has a bright white color, giving a bright, spacious and luxurious feel. This is reflected in the design of the living room with the layout of two basic furniture. This is the sofa and the TV.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Modern and luxurious living room with minimalist details

Right next to the living room is a cooking area and dining table, separated by an open partition. If you are worried about the smell of food flying into the living room, the use of a kitchen hood will solve the problem.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Cooking stove and dining table

The details in the kitchen are also modern, simple but still ensure aesthetics and comfort. The bright white color continues from the living room to the kitchen space of the two-story townhouse to create a circuit through.

The first floor also has a bedroom for the parents. This space is impressed by the wood flooring instead of the brickwork as in the living room. The arrangement of interior equipment here gives a feeling of warmth but no less bright thanks to a window with curtains.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Bedroom on the first floor

The common living room on the second floor has a very similar design to the living room, which also includes a sofa set and TV shelf, however, because of its smaller size, it has to be streamlined. Here, the landlord can use it to host guests or host family reunions.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Common room on the second floor

The bedroom on the second floor is similar to the first floor of a nice house, covered with dark brown wood flooring and with windows to capture natural light. Although simple style, it gives people the feeling of comfort, not boring.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Bedroom on the second floor

The restrooms in the bedrooms are designed the same, using the same bright colors. The architect also cleverly designs wall cabinets so that homeowners can store their belongings and decorations.

Simple design that style for the townhouse

Bathrooms and toilets

For homeowners wishing to build this beautifully structured and styled townhouse, it is possible to cut out the restrooms in each bedroom into a shared toilet on the first floor and on the second floor. This article has brought you a new idea of tubular house design in townhouses. And do not forget to share with us your dream home!

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