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Small Beautiful Apartment With The Total Area Of 32sqm For Young Families

Small beautiful apartment

With a modest area of the only 32sqm, this small apartment building makes its owner extremely excited by the comfort, airy and extremely intelligent scientific design.

For small apartments like this every centimeter is precious, so the owner of the apartment has optimum utilization, ensuring the apartment is full of functional space needed for the living room, kitchen. , bedroom to the toilet.

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Small beautiful apartmentEverything in the apartment is neatly arranged, enough for a family of three to four people can live comfortably without feeling cramped.

Small beautiful apartmentLiving space and kitchen are designed in an open architecture, combined with light colors of the interior and walls, making the small apartment more spacious.

Small beautiful apartmentThere are too many functions converged in the same place, so the interior design must be very versatile and use space efficiently.

Small beautiful apartmentLiving room space is placed between the house, neatly decorated with a versatile wooden cabinets system

Small beautiful apartmentA small, cozy bed for a young couple. This area has a white color scheme which makes space more brightly

Small beautiful apartmentThe kitchen area is compact in design, occupying only a small part of the home space

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Small beautiful apartmentThe multi-purpose dining table is both a family-friendly dining area and an ideal storehouse with handy drawers

Small beautiful apartmentAlthough space is limited the space is extremely wide thanks to the use of bright colors in the interior decoration as well as large glass doors in the living room.

Small beautiful apartmentGlass materials are used quite a lot in the sanitary area, making space not cramped.

Small beautiful apartmentA large mirror doubles the size of the bathroom.

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