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Townhouse With Small Area Is Designed Wonderfully

You are looking to build a house, but the area of your home is a bit small. You are not sure how to design your home to ensure aesthetic and convenient for your home.

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Small town house design
Design of small townhouses

Requirements for narrow street design consultants

Despite the narrow area, the design of the townhouse must ensure the following factors and criteria:

Utilizing maximum space, saving the area of housing

Ensure airy space

Make sure your family members feel comfortable inside

The experience of consulting the design of small townhouses

After designing and constructing many townhouses we have learned many valuable experiences:

Thoroughly survey the terrain and understand the shape of the area of the land.

Investigate the number of in-house and future members.

Arrange accurate interior design right from the design, to make the most of the area

The height of the house should be noted because of the small area.

Reduce the area of the balcony to give priority to the area for function rooms

Try not to design a room, but design enough room for every member of your family to be comfortable.

The design must go with the ventilation factor of your home. Make sure you have a clear living space.

The following are specific ideas.

Choose interior design simple

When designing and selecting furniture, you should choose simple furniture, neat and sharp lines but still have to meet its full function.

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The furniture you choose cannot occupy too much space. This gives you the feeling that your home is not cluttered.

You should pay attention to the compact design, in order to save the maximum area such as kitchen cabinets letter I, bunk beds …

Small town house design
Kitchen cabinet shape I

Choose the smart interior

This smart interior is a top choice for smaller homes. This helps you to cut down an area in your home.

However, in terms of price, the smart interior is usually taller than the normal interior. So you need to rethink your financial plan when investing and making the most appropriate choices.

Use smart partition

The idea of space design is to narrow the use of smart walls. It is these smart divisions that open the door of not keeping the rooms together

Small town house design
Use intelligent partition for bedroom home saving area

Limited to closed walls because it will cause a sense of tight and cramped apartment. A glass partition will create a sense of space as “bloom” and attract more.

Take advantage of the “dead corner”

In the “dead corner” such as kitchen cabinets, corner … can add a bookshelf or small items to compact space. But you should choose the dead corner location in a subtle way, according to your intent.

Harmonic color coordination

Because of the small space, you need to pay attention to color. Colors such as red, blue or yellow are the right colors to accentuate, but should not overuse the hot colors. The dominant color of a small apartment should be a bright color.

If you have the right conditions, you should make large glass windows, which will help your home to receive natural sunlight combined with light colors and make the space clearer.

Decorated neatly

The last and most important thing is the same thing that is neat interior decoration. In addition to the minimalist furnishings in the home, you also need to display them neatly so that the walkway is spacious and has plenty of play space.

Hopefully with this article will help you have more ideas in designing and building your living space modern and luxurious.

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