Take A Look At Interior Design Trends In 2017

One more year is about to pass, let Vietnam Real Estate review the trend of interior design is favored in 2017. See how your house has caught up with any trends yet!

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Interior design trends

Interior design trends

What are the trends in interior design favored in 2017?

As well as fashion, want to be beautiful, always change from time to time. Therefore, when you want to embark on your apartment design, you also need to consider and examine the current trends in interior design. From there, choose a suitable trend or a combination of trends to create a unique design.

Interior design trends are the most popular in 2017

Bring nature to the house

This is an extremely hot interior design trend that has been around for years and seems to have no sign of cooling down. It is expected to be included in the design of the apartment for many years to come by the benefits that it brings to the living space of the human being.

Imagine what to see, what is more, wonderful after the tired work hours, you are again immersed in space with bold natural color. In addition, with the earth warming up, the trend of interior design will make your apartment cool down a lot on hot summer days!

Interior design trends

Bring nature to the house

This is an extremely hot interior design trend that has been around for years

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this interior design trend is only suitable for large apartments. For some small space such as apartments 30m2 or smaller that some readers have asked Vietnam Real Estate, the interior design options below will be more appropriate.

Optimize design area with smart interior

Some readers have questions: 30sqm apartment should be designed interior like? Vietnam Real Estate would like to say that choosing the smart interior is one of the smartest ways to design your apartment.

The choice of the smart interior has to ensure the aesthetic factor, while ensuring the need to use, especially saving the display area of furniture in the apartment. This is also the trend of interior design is most popular in 2017 and promises to be a popular trend in the next years.

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There is no sofa set in the living room

In recent years, the sofa seems to be indispensable in the living room of every family. Especially sofa beds, can sit, lie or play with children, … The most important is to receive guests. This is also the furniture that increases the aesthetics of the apartment. Putting the sofa into the design of the apartment can also consider the trend of interior design in 2017 many homeowners choose.

Interior design trends

The sofa is not only used to welcome guests but also can use for many purposes

Use wooden furniture

The use of wooden furniture has not been a trend in interior design is outdated. The wooden furniture is durable, just bring luxury beauty, it is not difficult to clean, hygiene. If the light wood color brings bright space, the choice of dark colors will create the classic and luxury for your apartment.

Interior design trends

The trend of wooden interior design has never been outdated

Use of decorative motifs

Set in the trend of modern interior design is favored today, the widgets with many motifs, patterns have appealed to many owners of apartments. Since then, it has been used extensively in interior decoration for many years. And in 2017, this trend is also honored to be present. It is easy to see the pattern of motifs prominent, unique on the wallpaper, paintings, pictures hanging in the house to create a unique mark for each apartment.

Interior design trends

The use of decorative motifs is also one of the most popular interior design trends

Use light colors

As with the use of wooden furniture, the light colors are also the trend of interior design has not shown signs of failure the past few years. In 2017, this is still the trend of apartment design is chosen by many people. The combination of light, bright colors makes the space more perfect. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the perfect combination of contrasting colors such as black and white to bring a luxurious, modern and delicate space.

Interior design trends

The subtle combination of 2 gams of black – white

So Vietnam Real Estate has introduced some interior design trends are favored in 2017 then there. The special thing here is that according to Vietnam Real Estate study, these trends will continue to be loved in 2018. So you readers are in need of design apartments, then choose for yourself a suitable trend!

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