Tan Hoang Mai Project: Lagom Caste Belong To Tan Hoang Minh Style

After a series of projects with different levels, luxury, perfect to every detail dedicated to the high-end segment, Tan Hoang Minh Group is taking a daredevil step in its business plan with the launch of the Tan Hoang Mai project. The project is gaining a lot of attention in the real estate market with the world famous “Lagom” lifestyle demonstration.

Lagom – real and long-term value

Lifestyle “Lagom” has characterized the Swedish way of life for more than 1,000 years and has become a very influential living philosophy in the world. Perhaps in front of a bustling and bustling world, between the confusing definition of superfluity and poverty, hunger and indifference, Lagom has a special appeal to the whole world by its simplicity. When material excesses, entertainment and mental stimulation are at their peak, people are tired, disoriented, and they begin to look for true and lasting values.

Lagom is a philosophical, social democratic spirit in Swedish life. There is no English equivalent, but it is understandable that ‘Lagom’ is like ‘Just enough’ or ‘Not too much, not too little’.  This concept actually dates back to the Viking era (793-1066), with the origin of the ‘late om’, which means ‘to the team’. At that time, when all of them sat around the table and handed over the horn filled with wine, each one took a sip of moderate, how the following people also have enough wine to enjoy.

Tan Hoang Mai project

Lagom is a philosophical, social democratic spirit in Swedish life

Nowadays, when living in a prosperous society, Swedes show their philosophy of living like eating ‘Lagom’, staying in ‘Lagom’, or turning on a ‘Lagom’ … how is it enough to make the Swedes live happier?

Today, not only the Swedes, the spirit of Lagom has appeared all over the world, in different notions and forms, and standard of the “Lagom” apartments. These apartments are creating a new trend of apartment-style around the world. Even in Vietnam, if the tube house, the room with wood carvings, wood furniture is the fashion, then young people like space, the message live enough, go find the value of life from the moderate, harmonious, unobtrusive but still very stylish, that is the style Lagom.

Value happiness from harmony, just enough

Taking the lead in demonstrating Lagom’s philosophy in real estate in Vietnam, Tan Hoang Mai project belongs to Tan Hoang Minh Group has expressed very deeply the message of happiness comes from harmony, just enough… According to the General Director of Tan Hoang Minh Group, Mr. Do Anh Dung: Recognizing the importance and spread of Lagom, as well as grasp the trend of real estate market in the country and the world, Tan Hoang Minh Group has put this philosophy in the Tan Hoang Mai multi-functional urban area. Accordingly, the value that Tan Hoang Minh brings to customers will come from the simple but modern design, smart enough to bring people to life quality and happiness.

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Tan Hoang Mai project with the gold position of a 20 hectares urban area just 4.5km from the center of Hoan Kiem lake. The building is accentuated smart apartments are built in two architectural styles leading Japan and Korea.

Tan Hoang Mai project

Tan Hoang Mai project with the gold position of a 20ha urban area just 4.5km from the center of Hoan Kiem lake

According to the architects, Tan Hoang Mai project convergence of the most typical traits of Korean and Japanese style in accordance with Vietnamese culture to express in the design of the project with simplicity, modesty, abstinence, and deep respect for the natural values but just enough to bring luxury refinement.  If the  Lagom of Swedish was approved as Ikea furniture, or H & M fashion clothing of good quality and reasonable price, still ensure luxury and sophistication, the style of Lagom Tan Hoang Mai is shown deep in harmony, just enough. Still beautiful but not too fussy, good enough, luxurious but reasonable price, not waste of money and ensure a stylish life, simple, convenient as typical of the apartments of Korea and Japan.

The success in design helps Tan Hoang Mai apartments have a reasonable area, make the most use of the ability to use with elegant lines, neutral colors, space filled with light and the interior is smartly designed but still guarantees high standards of comfort in life. In a space that helps people have all the things they need to nurture their happiness

Besides, the project also has full modern facilities, serving the needs of residents such as cinema, schools, trade centers-offices, shops, kindergartens and large lakes and green parks and an inter-urban route.

The detailed 1/500 blueprint of the project is being approved by Tan Hoang Minh and besides, Tan Hoang Minh also promotes the completion of the project implementation procedures. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the Tan Hoang Mai complex will be started and put into use soon.

With success in design, reflecting deeply the philosophy of Lagom – happiness comes from harmony, just enough, Tan Hoang Mai promises to become a very hot project in the real estate market next time…

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