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The Extremely Important Note When Viewing Feng Shui Bedroom

View Feng Shui bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom is one of the factors that need special attention when buying a nice home because it directly affects the quality of sleep and the health of the home.

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The bedroom is a getaway after a tiring work day, so when buying the nice house, people are very interested in feng shui bedroom. Many more careful look at bedroom feng shui by age to ensure homeowners always achieve the best in health, money, fame.

View Feng Shui bedroom
basic note when designing bedroom

Here are some basic notes when designing a family bedroom that everyone needs to know.

The location of the room is waterproof

According to feng shui theory, the bedroom must be placed in the beautiful location of the house. Bedrooms should not be placed near the kitchen because the heat from the kitchen and the smell of food will hatch into the mattress, making people sleep is not good to sleep. Also, it is not advisable to put a bedroom under the toilet that will affect the quality of the building. If the toilet is built in the bedroom should be closed every time use is complete.

View Feng Shui bedroom
The bedroom is located in the beautiful location of the house

Bed arrangement according to room Feng Shui

Homeowners can view feng shui bedroom with the couple according to age to determine the location of the bed, this is extremely important. Accordingly, the head of the bed should not lean against the window because the sun, wind and rain are not good for health. Do not place the bed too close to the door will make the homeowner easily startled when someone opens or is influenced by external sounds.

Do not place the bed opposite or too close to the mirror if you do not want nightmares or health problems. Do not place the bed under the bar if you do not want to feel heavy, restless when sleeping.

View Feng Shui bedroom
Most people put the headboard against the wall

It is best to place your head against a firm wall. The head of the bed is not hanging upright lights will make people lying dazzled. If the area of the bedroom is not too tight then choose the type of integrated bed with wardrobe under the roar.

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Interior design in the bedroom

Colors of wall paint, blankets, bedding can be selected through feng shui viewing by age, by par but in harmony with each other.

Interior furnishing decor in the bedroom should be simple as this is a place to relax rather than recreation space. According to feng shui bedroom, homeowners should not hang pictures or display items related to water because it can cause financial loss. In this space should not display many bonsai by night because they will suck oxygen of man.

View Feng Shui bedroom
Beds, closets and closets are essential in the bedroom

Do not sleep too hard or too hard to affect the bones of the spine. In the summer, do not use water pads to sleep every day because of the watery pads, which cause an imbalance of yin and not create a solid feeling for the bed.

Above are some notes about the feng shui bedroom that whether people do not care much about feng shui also need to know. Hopefully, this article by Vietnam Real Estate has helped you in some way in designing and designing feng shui houses.

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